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Motorola XOOM WiFi Goes On Sale at Costco for $499 Plus Free Gel Case

Looks like Costco is lowering the price on our beloved Motorola XOOM. (Review) We checked the mobile site and aren’t seeing the new price, so if you’re in the market for a XOOM Wifi this weekend, be sure to head into your local Costco for a great deal on a great tablet. And since they’re throwing in a $20 Gel case, show em’ some love.

(Update) Just got an email from a reader who was given money back due to Costco’s Price Adjustment Policy. If anyone has bought the XOOM from Costco recently, you better hurry back and get yourself some money.

Costco Site

Cheers MM and Mathew!

  • The actual price of this phone is around $ 500….

  • Rick8560

    I just saw your comment about the $499 price for XOOM at Costco so I went onto their website and it shows a price of $589.99 with a free gel cover. Today is July 2 and your post was June 16. I guess that special price is over?

  • Anonymous

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  • can’t seem to find this deal anywhere?

  • Jer85008

    Good price, too bad the screen blows or I might pick one up. 

  • gomets

    Ok, I’m one of those jerks who bought 4 tablets to find the best one and returning or returned the other 3. I have the Xoom, Asus, Acer and returned the Viewsonic. So far, except for price, I like the Xoom the most with the most important reason being a much better WiFi and Bluetooth range. It simply is the best built of the 4. Now with the new price it’s a keeper … going for the price match tomorrow. so happy I bought the Xoom from Costco.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why are people saying it’s still too expensive? $499 for the 32GB version puts it in TF range. $100 less than the Tab. I’m thinking of picking one up. It’s this or the Tab.

    Does the Xoom use Gorilla glass?

  • Crap bring that price down to $199 and I may think about another Moto device.

  • Nanto7

    XOOM 2 is coming. 5 months product cycle time. Wow! XOOM actually was ready last fall, but Moto/Google did not want Froyo. Honeycomb 3.0 was pushed out the door in Feb to beat iPad 2 in an incomplete form. So it’s about 9 months from last fall and we will see more polished XOOM 2.

  • Anonymous

    Despite the comments, the Xoom is still a good tablet. Its mostly standard jacks (usb, sd card slot, etc) with no proprietary connections (cough samsung..cough). Its the official google dev tablet (the tablet equivalent of the droid original or nexus phones) meaning it will get updates probably first. Despite the delay, the 4g upgrade will happen someday which is better then a DEFINITE never of the current other ones as they dont have a slot to upgrade.
    If i was going to buy a 3.1 tablet right now..id still honestly get the Xoom.

    Not to mention there is a good sized dev community for it over at XDA.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    The Xoom.. yeah bwaaa haa haa ha 


  • It’s still not worth it.

    And I have a 3G version (see what I did there, 3G as opposed to the 4G version I thought I was going to get in the future)

  • Anonymous

    @Kellex. And the infamous asterisk * goes up on the price tag (upper right of costco tag in picture) means this is the last shipment of these they will stock. Now’s the time to buy, you wont find them cheaper at Costco.

  • Damnnnnn. now I wish I had $500 to spend. haha

  • T Hall

    I still don’t feel too robbed….  $600 for the 3G (who knows if I can ever call it 4G) via the famous Moto coupon code error.  But nonetheless, this is a great deal.

  • caseyisajim

    Pretty swell deal, kiddos.

  • oddball

    The star in the corner means the item is discontinued the .97 price means that it is a company wide markdown. If you have your original receipt and made the purchase in the last 30 days you can get an adjustment from the building you purchased it from in MOST cases.  Be aware that being polite to the refunds employee has a big effect on how willing they are to help you out and how much of a case they make to the manager for you 

    • Anonymous

      Best info period. thanks for this!

    • Great stuff. Thanks! 🙂

    • camjcb

      If you’re beyond the 30 day price adjustment period, but within the standard 90 day electronic return policy period, you can simply return your old one and buy a new one for the reduced price.  The extra benefit (aside from the cash) is that your warranty period will start all over again with the new purchase.  I just did this recently with a flat screen TV. 

      • Crazydog

        Is it worth it for me to drive 200 miles round trip to get $100 back? 😛

        • oddball

          Try calling the building that you bought it from.  Not all buildings still have the Xoom in stock.  If they aren’t selling it at that price they USUALLY won’t do the adjustment.  But as I said before being polite can go a long way to how willing they are to work with you. 

      • I’ve also heard if you talk with the manager, you won’t have to go through any hassle, and he/she will simply give you the $100 even after the 30 days.

      • oddball

        Be aware that they keep track of things like that.  Over time if you go outside the normal policy you will find that things get more restrictive.  I have been with Costco for almost 10 years and we work hard to keep our members happy but people using the policies outside the intent are why we have things like a 90 day return policy for electronics instead of the “if you have a problem bring it back” that we used to have.  

        • camjcb

          I initially asked to have a credit for the difference between the new and the old price but it was beyond the 30 day limit and I was told they couldn’t make an exception.  The idea to “return” my TV was made by the Costco return person. At her suggestion, I bought a new TV, exited the building, went around the corner right back into the returns department and returned the newly bought television with my old receipt.  It was her idea.  The TV was never opened so it went right back on the floor.  The reason Costco changed their return policy on electronics was because people would keep their TV for years and then return it for a newer, much better but cheaper TV.  This was not the case for me. 

  • .97 and the star on the card also means that Costco will not be restocking that item and once it’s gone it’s gone

    • hkklife

      The wi-fi Xooms have actually been gone from my local Costco for about 2 weeks now.  It was replaced by a 32Gb Acer Iconia w/ case for $489 or so that is in the same endcap location. 

      The functional 3G Xoom demo unit was also removed from that Costco’s wireless kioks as was the non-interactive Xoom wi-fi demo that was in a case.  The 3G one was still available for sale as of yesterday on a big pallet for the usual prices ($589 and up) depending on which data plan you get but they have no demo units on display.   Looks like the end of the road for the the first-gen Xoom as far as I am concerned.

      • Anonymous

        Going to agree with you about end of road.  When I bought my Xoom from Costco around a month ago, I needed to go to two different stores because the first one couldn’t find any of the 3 the computer said they had in stock.   The other Costco had them, but it took them roughly 20 minutes to find them in the storage bin.  They were selling for 569.97 at the time.

  • Anonymous

    And anyone would buy this over the Tab 10.1 because?

    • DroidzFX

      Not Samsung
      No need for proprietary cables
      SD card slot w/ tiamat kernal

    • Cassmoney

      battling this decision too. I wonder if bestbuy will pricematch this deal? anyone have any idea?

      • Ĵono Reĝo

        I don’t know about Best Buy price matching it, but look; if you’re not quite sold on the Tab, try the Transformer. It’s got all of the features of the Xoom, but thinner, lighter, a better screen and it’s cheaper. $400 16GB, and with the eBay sale that was posted today, you can snag the 32GB model with a free 8GB SD card for $475.

        • jtorral

          The transformer and iconias are plauged with issues from bleeding screens, to hacked kernel for sd card support to just plain awful build. But now, there is no difference between the 2 when it comes to price. 32gb transformer = 499. 32GB Xoom = 499.00

      • Sky_bear

        Not sure about Best Buy, but if there is an HH Gregg in your area, they will.

    • Ĵono Reĝo

      Because you’re buying it for a boss, parent-in-law or other person who you really don’t like that much, but still want to be in the good graces with.

    • jtorral

      because overall it is a better device. granted sd not enabled yet but it is there. Not as light as competitirs but build quality is by far best on  the street. guts are the same for the most part but hdmi, sd, usb make it a lot more desirable than those wiothout.

  • Formulanerd

    Still $100 too expensive.

  • rva_ham

    I think the .97 in the price means the item is being discontinued by Costco, so go get them while you can!

  • Anonymous

    I would imagine the price is going to go down everywhere not too long after the Tab 10.1 hits.

  • SprottheDestroyer

    this i might have to get, been waiting for a deal like this.

  • Anonymous

    I new, as soon as I ordered my iconia something like this would happen.

  • Goblueboy

    So ASUS tablet or Xoom?

    • Anonymous

      i returned my asus for the xoom.  the xoom is only worse at viewing angles.  the build quality is solid as a rock, whereas the transformer looked like it was put together in someone’s dusty basement.  that said… i am probably going to return the xoom to costco eventually if new tablets are announced soon that aren’t the usual tegra 2, 10.1, 1gb ram flavor.

      • Guest

        Just went on the costco web site and they have the same deal but at $589 with free shipping.  Is the $499 price in-store only?

    • Anonymous

      Asus tablet with keyboard dock here, love the combination and 16 hours of battery life for the price of a reduced cost xoom (16GB on my asus tho). Build quality is a personal preference of course, I see no flaw in my Asus and highly recommend it. (usb ports, battery life, mated kb, vs, xoom build quality(?)) I dunno, I have yet to drop my Asus to test the gorilla glass… (not doin it.)

  • TDOG