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Team Of Developers Release Stock Gingerbread For Droid Eris, Droid Incredible, And HTC EVO

Stock Gingerbread is smooth, polished, fast, and stable. Happen to have one of these devices? Then definitely try out “OMGB” and “OMFGB“. OMGB is stock Gingerbread for the DROID Eris, DROID Incredible, and the HTC EVO 4G. OMFGB is stock+features for each of the aforementioned devices. After the jump, we’ll have download links and instructions.

Download and Flash in your devices custom Recovery. Make sure to make a backup first:


DROID Incredible –  OMGB | OMFGB <– *1.3.0 Pre-Release Exclusive*

HTC EVO –  OMGB | OMFGB <– *1.3.0 Pre-Release Exclusive*

Note: With each of these ROM’s you will need to also install their respective *Google Apps Zip* to have access to your usual applications list. So be sure to download and install this after you flash the ROM.zip

You shouldn’t run into any issues, but if you do please leave a comment and let us know. We got a great community here and would also love to hear some feedback on the ROMs. They have also set up a great IRC Channel for Live Support – Don’t be afraid to holler at them.

If you like the ROM, please let the great developers know by following them on Twitter. They’re a great set of gentleman. There’s r2doesincdavidjr621, xoomdev, and linuxmotion. Good job, guys. Keep it up for the community. From looking at the downloads section, we can see there’s possibly a Thunderbolt ROM on the way? Yes, please.

Cheers IRONMatt!

Check out their site for all additional info and support!

  • Ck1124kj

    Loaded OMGB for Eris and am now stuck at load screen (Andoid logo shimmering on screen). What did I do wrong?

  • Gschrod

    “OMFGB is stock+features for each of the aforementioned devices.”  (what are the “features”?)

  • Transplanted

    I can’t seem to get gapps.zip to work. I just installed OMFGB on my Eris, and I get a installation error when I try to flash the zip. Am I doing this wrong? I’ve never had to do a gapp.zip before. Thanks for the help, the rom installed clean and looks really nice. I hope I can get everythign running, I really wanna use it for a while. Thanks in advance!

    • Transplanted

      My bad, I got the one off of this page. It’s an older version, you should for sure get the one from http://r2doesinc.bitsurge.net/omgb/ , as it’ll be the newer one, with everything you need.

  • Tookee

    hi, i’ve rooted my phone for the first time and its installing gingerbread. how long does it take. i’m curious if i’ve done it right. tks.

  • Big E

    I flashed the OMFGB on my eris, but was unable to install the Google Apps Zip. I have it downloaded, but don’t know how to install. Any help would be appreciated. I’m new to this. Thanks

  • SlowBoot

    How long does it take to boot afterwards?

  • Marc331

    Just loaded this onto my Eris and love it so far. I can’t seem to get it to sync to my AOL account though.  Any suggestions.

  • G3orge612

    I have an Eris and flashed OFMGB. It was running great then yesterday it started getting real buggy.What can I do to fix it?

  • Nmemon786

    do you have to root before gingerbread ROM?

  • Elliottfrankex

    I tried to flash the ROM for the incredible, backup went fine, then the phone rebooted and I am stuck at the white incredible screen, can I pull the battery and boot into recovery, or what should I do?

  • Spc Hicks09

    This post is lame! Stock GB roms have been out for wuite some time now and the fact that most devs @ XDA and Droid Forums get no recognition here is absurd. Been running different GB roms on my Eris AND Droid 1 since some time last year! I’ve even made my own GB Rom for the Eris, these guys are way behind on the dev learning curve.

  • Granted

    Yeah have fun with gingerbread maybe it will rape your phone like it did with my droid x!

    • KB Smoka

      The problem is you have a droid x

  • JagoX

    Anyone had any experience with this teams ROM creations? I’ve put CM7 (2.3.3) & MIUI (2.3.4) on my wife’s Dinc (and on a friend’s Dinc) but after a few weeks GB starts freaking out with FCs happening to just about everything. Doing some research & posting on XDA, this seems to be a problem within GB itself but only happens on certain phones and even then it doesn’t happen to everyone. The only real way I’ve found to fix it is to clear out the cache partition & Dalvik cache 3-4 times in CWM, reboot and then let the phone sit for a bit.

    Anyone experiencing this? I may give this ROM a chance though…just to see what happens.

    • BP

      I’ve been using this rom on my Incredible since Friday. I have not experienced a single bug or issue. It’s fast, smooth, and stable.

      • JagoX

        Give it some time because the problems I was seeing wouldn’t happen for a few weeks & attempting to “fix permissions” didn’t fix anything either.

  • Terry

    Ok, so before installing this I was running CM Froyo on my Eris, which was ok at times but mostly awful, it had way too many bugs, would freeze & force close alot, which got really annoying after awhile and I have been absolutely hating this phone for a long time. However, after installing this on Fri Nite, I am throughly impressed & this software is a godsend. It is very fast considering that it is running on the Eris. All the apps I use run very smoothly, the internet is noticeably faster, WiFi works great, calls quality is great, screen transitions are much smoother and overall everything is much more reliable, keeping my fingers crossed but I haven’t had an app force close on me yet. Adding this to my Eris has made it a phone I actually like again, unlike about 48hrs ago when I wanted to smash the shit out of it, but adding the Stock Gingerbread has & seemingly will make it much more bearable for me to get through this year, until I can upgrade to one of the dual core bad boys on the horizon. I used to think that my Eris sucked because the hardware made it so slow, however, now adding this amazing software to my phone makes me realize what good software can do for any phone. I definitely recommend anyone who has the Eris, Incredible or Evo to switch over to this, even though I’ve only had it for about a day and a half now, it has made a huge difference on my Eris.

  • Adrianbarela

    Would someone direct me to a “how to” to get my droid inc back to stock 2.2 after running this ROM.

    • BP

      If you did a NAND backup before flashing, which you always should, then just boot back into clockwork mod and do a restore. Otherwise, download a stock rom and flash it the same way you did this one.

  • Olsen K30

    i am a noob at rooting, and roms, so i put this on my phone, and i am running gingerbread but now i can’t find the market or anywhere to dl it from, is this normal or did i screw somethig up?

    • Anonymous

      It says in the post to download the google apps zip, the market should be one of them. 

  • I want stock GB on my Droid X

  • Ryn_wllmsn

    i got my droid incredible from best buy. will it void the warranty or anything?

    • Yup.

    • JagoX

      More like “void the warranty”…you can reverse the entire rooting process, revert back to a stock *official* radio & go back to the “fresh out of the box” ROM with the RUU.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’ve been using Rom: Evervolv (gingerbread) for a good while now on my Incredible!!!!! (RECOMMENDED)

  • Anonymous


  • How is this running on the Eris guys? I put CM7 on my sisters phone, but it is buggy, is this one any better?

  • Thawes1024

    Is this ever going to be an OTA update? I have a stock DINC and have never messed around with the ROMs and don’t want to screw my phone up.

    • Creliandobi

      yes, Dinc is supposed to get GB (by end of summer). this version, though, is vanilla android vs. the OTA from VZW/HTC with Sense UI added in.

  • Kkurasch

    tried to flash google apps but didn’t work 

  • Kkurasch

    Hey i just flashed the rom and I don’t have anything! No android marketplace???? No rom manager? I can’t even sign into my gmail! Help!!!!!

    • Creliandobi

      flash the Google Apps zip (Gapps) linked in the post and all of that will appear