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Swiftkey Releases New Betas for Tablet and Phone, Personalization Options Learn From Your Life

If you a part of the Swiftkey beta program, then you are likely already enjoying a new update that just went live this morning for both phone and tablet.  What was included, you ask?  A new Personalization service tops the list and allows one of our favorite keyboards to learn from some of your most used services such as Gmail, Facebook and Twitter.  Similar to the way Swiftkey already learns from your SMS app, these new Personalization features take the learning a step further and into your social life.  Makes sense, right?

Other phone changes:

  • Adjusted prediction parameters to improve prediction and correction
  • Improved response times
  • Improved battery usage

Other tablet changes:

  • Adjusted prediction parameters to improve prediction and correction
  • Increased split-screen key size
  • Improved response times
  • Improved battery usage
  • No keyboard animations (for improved speed)

To get these new betas, you’ll have to join the Swiftkey VIP program which is free.  You can sign up at the links below.

Phone thread | Tablet thread

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  • Anonymous

    Best. Keyboard. Ever.

    Now even better.

  • Hello friends. I am Joe from the SwiftKey team. The invite code is ‘swiftkey2vip’. We’ll probably change it in a day or two… but there you are. Enjoy. 🙂

    • Rain_king46

      Thanks Joe

  • Anonymous

    i misread that as swype, and my heart skipped a beat! come on swype make a keyboard for honeycomb that sticks a miniature kb layout that you can place in either the bottom left or right corner that is within reach of either thumb..you can even call it thumbswype!

  • Vire

    Are those virtual arrow keys that I see? Coming from a writer who is always using Google Docs on their phone/tablet, I think I’ll die and go to heaven if that’s the case.

    • But how could you compose text if you died? 😛

      • Rogue Rat

        so for users who’ve already purchased the original swiftkey, are we going to have to purchase 2 when it’s released?

  • So what exactly was the point of this post if the beta program has been closed?

  • Swiftkey better than the Gingerbread keyboard? Because I pretty much love that one.

    • Yes, Swiftkey does in fact allow you to show the arrows on the MAIN keyboard instead of buried deep within the “optional” keyboards. They can be switched on and off. The downside of them being ON is that they add an extra row of keys, making the keyboard take up more screen real estate.

  • Cevans9

    How do we get the code?!?!

  • Someone in the VIP program just needs to post this APK on a forum or tweet a link…

    • We’d really rather no one did that, as it’s a gross breach of our terms. But hey, check out my other post below and you can join the party!

  • Kellex, you really should state in your article more clearly that this is ONLY for people who are already members of the VIP program. As of a little while back, they’ve closed off all sign-ups for the VIP (and thus the beta) programs. In the near future, I suppose they might give current members invite codes, but as of now, if you’re not already IN the VIP program, you can’t get the betas.

    • Blah blah blah… cheer up and read our other comment 😉

  • Whats the invite code… ?

  • We can’t sign up without a code.

  • Avoicu1

    I have the swift key from the market, paid for it, and that one has no update available. Anyone know if that one will get the upgrade too, or i should try to get the beta?

    • DroidzFX

      A beta contains new features that may also have some bugs in it. Once the beta has been tested and works properly the update will come to the paid version.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dark skin for it in your screenshot. Is that also part of the beta? Because I really dislike the light gray theme of Swiftkey and would love to be able to change how it looks without installing a random apk that won’t be updated from the Market.

  • papawiskas

    Can’t register without the “code” what is the “code” anyone know?!
    I hate it when sites aren’t set up right!

  • John

    Haven’t been able to get swiftkey to work on TB. I’m using swype instead until it works. Anyone else having that issue?

    • Anonymous

      Had that too… make sure swiftkey is installed and checked for use in settings. Then in SMS app long press text input box to bring up input method then select swiftkey. Hope that helps…

    • Datbizzybone

      Where do you get SWYPE? -.-

      • John

        I had it on my OGD. Just reinstalled it on TB. I think you can still download the beta from their site.

      • John

        I had it on my OGD. Just reinstalled it on TB. I think you can still download the beta from their site.

  • John

    swiftkey has awesome word prediction, but it is a horrible keyboard IMO. Stock gingerbread kb is far more accurate. Any time gained by it predicting your next word is lost when trying to actually type something it cant predict.

    • We’re refactoring the multi-touch framework soon, which we think will solve the issues you describe here. Then you can get excited.

  • Anonymous

    Tried to join, but it asks for an invite code.

  • I’m a member of their VIP program and I’ve installed it on my DX running the leaked Gingerbread ROM and while the keyboard actually works, the settings app force-closes every time. There are also several other people with other phones running various GB flavors (CM7, stock GB on Nexus S/One) having the same problem. So be warned.

  • Bunie

    And by “better” i mean is it faster, less likely for you to hit one of the suggestions, and does it turn “nope” into “mole”? lololol i know those things can probably be turned off but MEH D;

  • Bunie

    Is this better than the stock one that comes on the Droidx?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah what is the invite code?

  • Princesation

    im part of their VIP program but its so hard for me to let go of Swype on my OG Droid . can anyone tell me why i should use Swiftkey over Swype ?

  • Anyone know what the swiftkey invite code is? I’m trying to register but can’t without the code.

    • P33chyk33n

      It’s swiftkey2vip. It was posted below

  • I would d/l it if I could, but each time I go the page it keeps redirecting me to poll.