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DROID Charge Training Begins at Verizon (Updated)

DROID Charge training officially started today for Verizon employees, only, we’re still not 100% sure when it’ll be available.  For the last few days, it’s looked like April 28th would be the day, but after seeing that date pop for the Incredible 2, we’re pretty much just guessing at this point.  Would be odd for Big Red to release two DROIDs on the same  day wouldn’t it?  We still have this feeling that one of them will be next followed by the other on the 28th.  Stay tuned!

Update:  We’re told that the training makes reference to the fact that the Charge can support 10 (yes, ten) devices through it’s mobile hotspot app, 2 more than the Thunderbolt.  Not bad.

Update 2:  Here are all of the official specs for the Charge.  Also, how it compares to a variety of other leading Android devices.

Cheers Spaniard!

  • Kevoskee

    The Charge might support 10 devices with mobile hotspot but lacks fan support for being a ugly Sammy phone

  • Anonymous

    I seriously thought the Charge was going to be one of Verizon’s $50 budget phones. With a single 1GHz CPU and running 2.2, its not much better than last year’s phones. Nothing to see here. At least I feel good to keep my DroidX running 2.3. Its the first time in years that Verizon has given me absolutely no reason to upgrade phones.

  • I really can’t see why this phone has such a high price tag. Less RAM and less onboard storage than the TB, maybe slightly better screen (if that), Samsung = plastic toy phone feel and you’re stuck with Froyo for life, 10 device hotspot? Wow, really? REALLY? Those two devices certainly make me want to spend $300 and two years of my life… or $700… ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Now you just need to get the other people using your mobile hotspot to chip in so the phone and tethering plan aren’t over priced…

  • Anonymous

    “Would be odd for Big Red to release two DROIDs on the same day wouldn’t it?”

    You mean like the Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Eris? 😉

  • el_R

    The Droid Eye for this one looks like a poker chip.

  • Anonymous

    This just goes to show you that Verizon will slap the Droid name on anything to try and sell it.

    They didn’t need to with the Thunderbolt because there was excitement about getting the first 4g device.

    Pretty much every phone manufacturer will have a Verizon Droid branded device. Good job in confusing things Verizon… this is why everybody walking around with an Android device from any carrier says they have a “Droid”… lol

  • Wctaylor79

    Hey look those on Verizon CAN get 2.2 on a samsung phone.. of course they would need to get rid of their current phone and pay 299…

    • Jim Dandy


  • Wctaylor79

    Releasing two droids in one day.. why not look at the D1 and the Eris.. Sure Eris was the crooked step child but just sayin.. guess the extra devices on the hotspot explain the 299 price tag.. lol..wtf verizon.. i don’t wish harm to anyone that wants this phone.. if it makes you happy great, but if they launch at 299 Ihope it fails..

  • Anonymous

    cant really find a good reason that you would need a hotspot for 10 people

  • Igor

    Does anyone even use more than 1 or 2 mobile hot spot ever??? Unless Verizon is expecting Santa to buy a phone and let others use the mobile hot spot I don’t think having 5 10 or100 would interest anyone

  • Newone1001

    8 hotspots on 4g and 5 on 3g. Its a misprint

  • I will never buy a sammy ,they have a piss poor build and we all know about their update reputation .

  • cowdog

    I can’t figure out why most of these new devices aren’t shipping with Gingerbread? Why is any new android phone shipping with a dated os version? Seriously, WTF? With the way android os updates drag on and on or don’t come out, I’m not going to buy a phone that is dated at the get go. os is more important to me than absolute hardware specs that increasingly mean battery life hell anyway.

    Charge doesn’t cut it for me anyway. I’ll move along now.

  • Anonymous

    thunderbolt only has support for five… 😛
    check the specs!

  • John

    Became uninterested at the Froyo 2.2 note

  • Youandme

    who cares,this phone sucks. whats up with the bionic??

  • Total Telecom Consulting

    I agree that Samsung build quality is terrible, Very Plastic like feeling devices….

    • Mrpicolas

      Samsung needs to stay close to the nexus build and they may be able to redeem themselves

    • Mrpicolas

      Samsung needs to stay close to the nexus build and they may be able to redeem themselves

  • Anonymous

    They may release both phones simultaneously considering neither device is relevant.

  • Total Telecom Consulting

    I dont see the big deal with this phone. And to be priced higher than the thunderbolt makes no sense. How much ram does it have?

  • BloodiedWraith

    Too bad it’s a Samsung. No updates, horrible UI, piss poor build quality, etc.

    I think since I’m never going to get a stock Android device on VZW ever again that if I’m gonna be stuck with something it better be a sister model to the HTC Sensation/Evo 3D. I would take a VZW version of the HTC Sensation with LTE any day.

  • Anonymous

    More like training employees in how to tell customers not to expect any updates.

  • ramifications

    “Our first 4G LTEDroid.” I didn’t realize that the Thunderbolt wasn’t a Droid till now. lol. What’s the difference Verizon?

    • One of the handsets I’m guessing makes George Lucas some more cash (Droid Charge) and the other one doesn’t.