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If the DROID3 is Codenamed the Solana (XT862), then it just Received Bluetooth Certification

The DROID3 made its first appearance about a month ago, but I somehow missed a post which featured what appears to be all of the system info pulled from the device including the codename (Solana) and model number (XT862).  Looks odd right?  The previous two DROID models followed a different model number scheme of A855 (D1) and A955 (D2), but since this is from famed Moto-leaker kbman, we’ll go with it for now.  We’ll also cross our fingers with hopes that the mention of an OMAP4 processor in the system dump comes true.  Hello, beast.

And back on track…if the D3 is indeed the XT862, then you’ll be excited to know that it received its Bluetooth certification yesterday, giving us hope that it’ll be arriving before too long.  Actually, we shouldn’t expect it all that soon as all contacts on our end haven’t even mentioned the phone, but this is definitely a good sign.  It might not be 4G, but that revamped keyboard, qHD screen, and hot new metal and black look sure would make us consider it.  

Via:  Bluetooth, Blog of Mobile, PocketNow

  • Shanklin07

    All I know is their will be a lot of us og droid guys upgrading this year and their had better be an Android offering that is up to date and stock, no bull shhh skins! I have some money to spend don’t make me upset Verizon.

  • Michael Jackson

    One word people: motoblur

  • Realist

    I want this phone, but if it isn’t 4G, I’m skipping it

  • Why does Verizon keep coming out with non-4G phones? {{-_-}}

  • Cole

    looks sexy

  • Earl


  • Earl

    No 4G no sale

  • Hay everyone what is the Deal with blue tooth 2.1 certifacon these brand new cell phones

    There is New Technology out already called Blue Tooth 3.0+HS radio dial

    “as it’ll be called, promises to be markedly faster than prior iterations thanks to the reliance on 802.11, which is the same protocol used by WiFi modules, routers, etc”

    see more here


    asus motherboard Maximus IV Extreme already has bluetooth 3.0+hs

  • Manuel


  • BloodiedWraith

    The model number isn’t odd – it seems to be the way that the newer Motorola Droid devices are going on VZW. The Motorola Droid Bionic is XT865. Also, do a Google search on Moto XT862 and one of the first links is a google code issue being reported. Shows that the device is running Android 2.3 at the current moment.


    I’ve been waiting for this phone for 3 years.

  • we get 4g here shortly and i won’t buy it if not 4g

  • HerroMotto

    I’m going to be really bummed if it doesn’t have 4G. My city is one of the few that has 4G and it’s pretty fast on my friens TBolt…

  • Knightcrusader

    I want this, 4G or not, but I probably won’t get it due to the locked bootloader. I’ll be on my D2 for a while. Hell, I’ve thought about getting D1 and putting a D2 keyboard on it… half the RAM, but for an unlocked bootloader, I think I can manage.

  • Djstar2k2

    im not gonna get excited cuz i see blur captive buttons and blurr is low key crappy. didnt like it on the cliq. and seeing that d2, r2d2 tanked i dont see the point in blurr sorry ppl. now 4g would be nice but it prob wont be in my area to late this yr or next and faster data is sweet but not needed. now if this is dual,ffc 4in qhd,vanilla android i will stay with vrz but i get the feeling that most oem think their skins is saving android or they believe their skin is whats gonna get them more sales than actual hardware. hell if that lg made gx2 had a kb i might go back to tmo even if they get bought out and my new phone dont work any more just for sweet vanilla android

    • DBK

      Have you tried or even seen the NEW Blur? IT is stupid fast and eons better than the current Blur. It running on GB makes it that much better. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried the new one. And just because it has the blur captive buttons, doesn’t mean it’s going to have blur. They could have just adopted those as the standard buttons for the OG Droid line. You are already doom-saying without even seeing and concrete facts yet. Fore shame!

  • Anonymous

    4 inch qhd screen mean intense pixel density, which is awesome.

  • Finally, a phone with a physical keyboard that doesn’t suck… well, not by comparison

  • Finally, a phone with a physical keyboard that doesn’t suck… well, not by comparison


    So with an Android device sporting a slide-out keyboard by Motorola due for a release this summer, I’m not too optimistic about seeing the Merge or even a Desire Z variant. That sucks. I would gladly take a Merge, HTC makes the best slide-out keyboards in the business.

  • Is that hdmi I see?

  • yte13

    Can someone tell me if thats a front facing camera?

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, I am still wondering how the D3 will be. From an OGD perspective and after seeing the last disapointments Moto doesn’t have a good track record of keeping a good thing going. I can’t see why the D3 shouldn’t be 4g.

    I would love to see 1GB of Ram and maybe a 4.3 screen with a ultra thin slide out but we’re beyond the last two dreams. The 4″qhd is good enough. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a surprise of LTE.

    The OG blood line deserves better

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps the brilliant marketing minds at Moto are waiting for the Droid 4 to introduce LTE. Then they can call it the Droid 4G. /sarcasm

      BTW: Thanks for all the spam this morning. I saw in another thread that you were hacked, but I still wanted to give you a hard time about it. 😛

      • Anonymous

        Man, I feel like an Ass for that, and pissed off as well. Changing all of my
        passwords and running scans early in the morning. But it’s nice to have my
        DL friends giving me %hit and asking if I am buying stock in Viagra LMAO

        I wouldn’t expect anything less M_NM lol 😛

    • Anonymous

      Did notice they moved the home button again. D1and D2 had it on the far left. I was pissed when the x moved it. Guess you qwerty guys get a taste of that now.

      Can we not maintain a standard button pattern?

      • Anonymous

        I agree LOL

      • VoiceOfReason

        dude that is the exact same button pattern that has been on ALL Motorola Phones since the Droid X, including the Droid 2 which came out after the Droid X, the only one that was different was the OG.

        • Anonymous

          My bad. Still wish everyone could get on the same page. If all of these
          phones are going to maintain 4 hard keys, make them the same. Htc, motor,
          etc. Or put a dot on each key and let users set them how they want.

          Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

          —–Original message—–

  • Wahmuk

    My Droid1 fits in a Droid2 car dock, and I have two desktop docks. From this photo, it looks like the USB chargeport isn’t in the same place as the D1 and D2, so I’ll need to replace my docks. The docks and the physical keyboard are the reasons I bought the Droid in the first place, so I am more than a little disappointed with this. Almost as disappointed as with the lack of 4G. That’s a shame, because I use the physical keyboard a lot (it frees up screen space for coding), and this keyboard is quite an improvement. A shame, really.

    • well about the charger port if you look at it the reason its like that with the hdmi next to it is for the laptop dock the same one that the atrix has to they are set up the same way so maybe we will be seeming some good stuff from this and the new keybored looks really nice.

  • Anonymous

    I really want this but there is nothing to indicate that it would be 4G.

  • Anonymous

    since motorola is starting to cater more towards enterprise users, that means tighter security on their devices…locked and encrypted bootloaders means i’m done with motorola. going to bury my og droid and say hello to htc.

    • Gadgetskopf

      I think HTC has started locking things down as well…

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, USB and HDMI ports right next to each-other on the bottom left of the device just like the Atrix, eh? I wonder if Moto’s claim that future devices would also have webtop and smart docks will become true with D3?

    • Anonymous

      it’s the same with teh DX, maybe that means it’ll have a multi-media dock with HD out?

  • Larry

    XT862 is probably the Milestone version of the Droid 3, some Milestones came down with the code name: MILESTONE XT720. The previous one was MILESTONE A854. So it’s totally possible the Droid 3 is following suit.

  • Say what?! I didn’t notice the separate number row on the keyboard!

  • DroidDizzy

    Give me 4G LTE, 1gb ram, 16gb memory, and Gingerbread with a quadcore tegra. With terminator eye to go along with the sick keyboard sexy qhd display and great build. Then it’s bye bye BIONIC hello Droid T3. Anyways now that I’m awake from the dream……… When the BIONIC come out? =) Any word on the Targa?

  • DroidDizzy

    Give me 4G LTE, 1gb ram, 16gb memory, and Gingerbread with a quadcore tegra. With terminator eye to go along with the sick keyboard sexy qhd display and great build. Then it’s bye bye BIONIC hello Droid T3. Anyways now that I’m awake from the dream……… When the BIONIC come out? =) Any word on the Targa?

  • Urugami

    kbman?? I’m going over to HoFo to check this out…

  • Mike

    If this phone is LTE I’m definitely getting it. Even if its not I’ll probably still get it. Doesn’t make sense to not be LTE though to me as every other 4G phone is just a 4.3″ slab. This would be the true successor to the OG, especially if it was unlocked and stock Android. I know, its a stretch but I can dream can’t I?

  • Craigg

    If it’s not 4G/LTE and a global device I have no interest. It would be a step back from the D2 Global.

  • It looks nice, but I’m waiting for the Droid Bionic to drop soon, can’t wait for that beast of a phone haha.

    • You may be waiting for the rest of forever, just so you know.

  • Edbdroid

    The fact that it will not be LTE-capable is what prompted me to go with a TBolt. Physical kbd used to be a must, but unlimited 4G data at $30 was more important in the long run.

  • Fd2blk78

    Fingers crossed that its 4g…I want the Droid 3 but.it feels like it would be a giant step back after having the thunderbolt. Any ideas?

  • Mr. Joe

    This looks great. Should have been the Droid 2 IMO.

    Front Facing Camera CHECK
    4″ qHD Screen CHECK
    Amazing looking Keyboard CHECK
    Dual Core CPU CHECK

    Give me 1GB of RAM and LTE and I will SMILE.

    • Unlocked bootloader. PLEASE!

    • Morenoc12

      Pretty sure that’s the same old led that the d2 has and not a front facing camera, but have put 4g and I’m in

  • This thing is so sexy.

  • I talked to a Verizon CSR yesterday who said this thing was coming out in “Late June”

    • Anonymous

      i hope so…

    • Anonymous

      “I talked to a Verizon CSR ”

      yeah, sadly that’s pretty meaningless.

  • Anonymous

    LTE or not this is the phone I want…

  • I can’t see any reason this phone would be released without 4G?

    • Edbdroid

      And yet, sadly, it is CDMA, not LTE. Confirmed by multiple sources, including Motorola *and* Verizon.

      • I am glad that we have options. That’s what android is all about. That way, those of us who don’t want to pay extra for LTE don’t have to

        • pj

          You do know that unlimited 3g/4g data is still only $30 a month right now, right? I don’t even want to upgrade my phone right now, but I’m going to get a tbolt so I can get grandfathered in.( sweet phone doesn’t hurt either)

      • I don’t want to give up the keyboard but if D3 is not 4G I might have to consider other options. With rooting and dual core hardware I don’t look to upgrade again for at least 2 years, probably more.

  • Maybe this won’t be as big of a flop as the Droid2 was…

  • guest