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DROID Incredible Disappears from DroidDoes.com, Should We Make Anything of it?

Notice anything odd about the screenshot above?  Anything missing?  Where did our friend the DROID Incredible sneak off to.  We know he’s still hovering around Verizon’s main site with the discounted price of $99, but why has he been removed from DroidDoes.com?  Normally we would just think that VZW was performing some sort of maintenance to the site, except that all of the Incredible-specific sub-pages also appear to be dead (like this one).

This is going to be the biggest stretching idea on the planet and I’m admitting that up front, but could this possibly have something to do with the Incredible 2?  We know that the Incredible S is already on sale, way ahead of an initially scheduled launch over in Europe and is basically the same device, so what if the Inc2 is also ready?  The phone is definitely in the hands of testers as images of the phone came out over the weekend looking as polished as ever.  Again, I know this is a stretch, but we did hear back in January that it could be available in March.  Any chance in hell that Verizon releases the Inc2 anywhere near the Thunderbolt?

Update:  We are hearing that it could be gone for good.  Device may have landed on the EOL (End of Life) list.  If that’s truly the case, then R.I.P. DI.  It will be tough for anyone to match your awesomeness.

Cheers Matt!

  • welmoe

    I hope the Droid Incredible is able to get Android 2.3!

  • Johnny

    We can make a hat, we can make a broach, we can make a Pterodactyl…

  • Eric

    “It will be tough for anyone to match your awesomeness.” Well said.

  • Eric

    “It will be tough for anyone to match your awesomeness.” Well said.

  • Eric

    “It will be tough for anyone to match your awesomeness.” Well said.

  • i’ve asked before, i’ll ask again…

    does anyone know if the incredible 2 will be a world phone, like the rumor, or should we just assume they’ll cripple it to cdma like everything else?

  • Hoot352

    What are the main differences of the Droid Inc. 2 vs. the Thunderbolt. I haven’t seen a spec sheet of the Droid Inc 2 yet.

    • Anonymous

      4G, screen size, I think.

  • Mr. Joe

    Wasn’t there some sort of time line posted here last year? showed the life span of phones and what not?

  • Thesoulsniper1

    I just got a DI new from vzw today haha…

  • derickmc

    As long as the Dev Community doesnt die with it, then its all good.

  • Zach

    The Dinc is gone because they are replacing it with the Dinc 2, The Droid Incredible system dump has been leaked so it’s coming.

  • IncredibleDude

    B) it prolly did reach the end of its life, its was worth more than most of the other phone but still sold at the same price, so profits on it were lower even though it sold well.


  • Anonymous

    p.s…does the only thing the incredible 2 have over the tbolt is the rotating buttons?

  • Anonymous

    OMG …..hmm actually people think of it….the firmware for the vzw inc 2 just rolled out….well the sbf or whatever….and now this……think they could market them both as A 4g powerhouse with a global surround?
    The HTC “DROID” THUNDERBOLT 4G, LOL, FOR 249.99 OR THE HTC Incredible 2 Global for 199.99….?

  • Just want to remind everyone that End of Life for the Droid Incredible and the Droid X arrives the last day of this month. So don’t be surprised to see both phones disappear from droiddoes.com. Of course the proof of this can be found right here on droid-life.com.

  • Tesseract 3

    I think it means the next incredible will not have the droid branding.

  • knowing Verizon they probably think Thunderbolt is a fine replacement for the DInc and will roll with that for now

  • Anonymous

    If they dropped a pair of HTC phones, that might lead to very soft launches for both. Unless they try to market them together like they did the Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro.

  • droiddoes

    government conspiracy?

  • Amd683

    Inc 2 and thunder on same week? Seems unlikely, unless they want to suggest it as a cheaper alternative?

    • Which is funny, considering the Thunderbolt won’t be Droid branded and the Incredible will be.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Incredible becomes Droid Invisible. Bring in the Twinc.

    I think we need a poll/contest for predicting the release dare.

    • Anonymous

      Late night hypebeastin’ at its best. 🙂

      • palomosan

        Bring on the Inc2 rumors since the TB is about to come for sure now, we need another phone to bash.

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t start calling it the Twinc. That’s a horrendous nickname. Dinc always sounded like some kind of underwhelming piece of hardware, and Twinc sounds like a spongy everlasting sponge snack. Neither one is good enough for the hardware in question. Obviously, you can do what you want, but I just had to get that little nitpick off my chest. Thanks.

      • IncredibleDude

        you clearly dont play wow… lol

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        While my chosen nickname was meant in fun, I can understand that it’s less than complimentary. As a fellow nitpicker, I appreciate you getting that off your chest. Since we’re all Android fans here, there’s no reason to disparage any “family” members. So, I won’t call it that again.

  • UGA414

    inc 2?