Rumors: DROID X2 Will be Dual-Core, Incredible 2 Global?

Fresh off of our news yesterday that Verizon is planning to release updated versions of the DROID X, DROID 2 and Incredible, we’ve received some additional tips that could really spice things up.  I do want to make sure you all understand that these should be taken as “rumor” for now since details on phone releases change on a daily basis with carriers, but we thought these were juicy enough to share.

  • DROID X2 is rumored to be a Tegra 2 dual-core device.  We had heard it was going to be clocked at 1GHz and were initially a little disappointed, but after hearing from one of our guys that it could be dual-core, that speed no longer bothered us and actually made sense.  It also will not be 4G just as we figured.  A current Verizon timeline has it slated for a May release.
  • The Incredible 2 could wind up as a global device.  I’m not hearing any signs that it will just be a re-hashed version of the supposedly-cancelled Merge, but another bigger-screened Incredible (4″) with a new radio.  Current Verizon timeline suggests a March release date.  Seems early?  I thought so too.

Again, all rumors for now, but we just like to share the latest info from our guys on the inside.




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