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Motorola Reminds Us that the DROID XOOM Tablet is Coming this Week and It’ll be Android

In exactly 2 days and 7 hours, Motorola will unveil the DROID XOOM tablet, which should be one of the first (if not the first) major Honeycomb tablets on the planet.  While Moto hasn’t officially said anything recently about this being an Android tablet, the Facebook message they left over the weekend definitely does…

“Exciting news”?  I’d say “generation skipping” news.  You can check out video of it in action here, hi-res pictures here, some unofficial specs here and the teaser “Tablet Evolution” video here.  It’s going to be one heck of a device, or at least we keep telling ourselves that.

Can you wait 2 days?

  • Chelsea9515

    just go out and buy a lab top for this price!

  • Anonymous


  • Riverjao

    Momma Jobs! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

  • Philip Van Luke

    I’d just like to re-state.. I was going to buy one of these on launch day and pass on a 3DS, then they announced that its 3G with optional external 4G modem…. no thanks.

  • Philip Van Luke

    I’d just like to re-state.. I was going to buy one of these on launch day and pass on a 3DS, then they announced that its 3G with optional external 4G modem…. no thanks.

  • Riverjao

    So is it true that HTC won’t be putting ojut a tablet until mid year?

  • Anonymous

    two days = too long. i want info NOW! i was actually ready for the moto tablet like 2 months ago!

  • bleh, i’m sure the hardware will be nice but let’s face it. Motorola is poop now with the choice of locking down their bootloaders. once htc comes out with a tablet then i’ll get excited about it. until then you can have fun with a device that is supposed to be open but is really closed.

  • Yes – I can wait 2 days. I won’t wait 2 months however.

    • Anonymous

      I take my like back, somewhat. I could wait 2 months from now to get it in my hands, but that’s the absolute longest I would wait. If they announce Thursday, and don’t launch within 60 days, they’ll be shooting themselves in the foot. They need to launch while the public is still relatively excited.

  • Riverjao

    So HTC won’t be putting out any tablets until mid-year, right?

  • battery life

    Enjoy the shitty battery life all Android machines are plagued with.

    • Go away! :-/

      /me runs off crying

    • Jas

      I’ve had a Droid X since launch, and even stock with heavy use I’ve never had battery issues. Once I rooted and then overclocked/undervolted it’s been even better. At the end of the day I still have a battery that is 60-70% charged.

    • wow, congrats you took time out of your day to troll a site that you obviously have nothing to do with. you fail

    • Chris Nimon

      If, after 8 hours of heavy use my battery gets too low, I just put in another, how bout you?

  • Phil Hamlin

    I’m excited for the CES launch….SUPER excited, in fact. The real question is…when will I be able to buy one, and for how much? And…..here’s hoping it’ll ship with BlindType…

    Tegra 2 + honeycomb + non-proprietary everything + BindType = omg, willing to pay anything

  • walker1234



    This is kind of off subject, but MSNBC.MSN.com has a DroidLife shout out about their HTC Thunderbolt coverage in the article covering the CES gadgets. Personally I think they are i*hone bias but still got to enjoy the love when it comes out.


  • So Much For Gingerbread… =(

  • trumpet444

    Ipads are neat but there is little to NO option to customize the ui, or ability to expand memory as you wish with maybe a microsd. Every other cheap ass tablet in the world gives you that option but no, to do that with an ipad you have to “upgrade” for only another $100-$400 when it can easily be done with a little $40 microsd card. And they wont even let YOU decide for yourself whether that little switch on the right side should be a orientation lock or mute button. You own the damn thing and Steve is making decisions for you. You’re not even allowed an application that would give you the option to change the function of that lock switch. Screw you mr jobs, I don’t want a tablet with apron strings attached

    • Anonymous

      Hell yeah!!!

      Android eats apples for breakfast!

  • Dustin

    If it’s locked down and running some half assed moto android build, what’s the point?

    • I think itll be running stock honeycomb because it’s the first device with it. Google probably wants it to be nice and virgin, untouched by MotoBLUR, kind of like the original Droid.

      • Cleetose

        Hopefuly it will be stock Honecomb, but I don’t think it’s up to Google what Motorola does with it.

      • yeah right maybe in your dreams………… i think we all want that but lets be serious here……

  • Anonymous

    That whole “skip a generation” marketing line is good. It really connects with us nerds. Their mainstream marketing will probably be much simpler.

  • Eric

    I want to be excited about it but with a name like XOOM i can’t be.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      people weren’t too excited about the maxiPad either, but that seemed to do pretty well in the sales category. i personally could care less what it’s called. scribe, xoom, whatever; just tell me when I can buy a solid Android tablet.

      • Eric

        im not for apple at all but iPad is a lot cooler name then Xoom.

        • Anonymous

          Only because you’re used to it now. Everyone, including Apple fans, hated the iPad name when they first found out about it. Just google “what do people think about the ipad name” and you’ll find articles from CNN, PCWorld, ABC News, and even dedicated apple sites talking about how bad it was and most make references to feminine hygeine products. Now that it’s a household name though, people have come to accept it. Verizon and Moto are going to market the hell out of the Xoom name, and a year from now, no one will care what it’s called when the Xoom2 is about to come out.

  • Bucho2k

    “Ready to skip a generation?” What’s that mean? I’m sure when Apple’s iPad 2 comes out it’ll put all these other crap pads to shame for the next year.

    • Sparking22

      by the time the Ipad 2 comes out it will out dated just like the Iphone 4

    • Anonymous

      That would make sense, accept for the fact that it makes no sense. I’ve read all the rumors, and they are all rumors about the iPad2 finally getting hardware that $300 Android tablets already have (like a front-facing camera and USB port). What are you basing this on?

      The Xoom will have a dual-core Tegra chip, higher res screen, front and rear facing cameras and Honeycomb. In my mind, Xoom > iPad2.

      Oh, and I own an iPad.

    • Anonymous

      Yikes. I know, I know, don’t feed the trolls.

      Seriously? the iPhone 4 was ancient spec-wise when it came out. You think the iPad 2 is going to crush competition? Maybe they announce something amazing like folders within folders!

      • Mth2134

        It is a new year!!!!!! Kellex fed the troll!!! Ah!!!!!!! 😛

      • Owned

      • Anonymous

        Kellex you earned a high five lol

      • DBK

        And down goes the troll….. 😛