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Android 2.2 Update Leaked for DROID Incredible

The Android 2.2 update for the Incredible, Droid X and Droid 1 might actually be on its way after a leaked version of the official OTA update for the DI just went live only a few hours after we saw this screenie of the Droid X.  This is the full on updated SenseUI version with 720p recording, mobile hotspot, etc.  The real deal people.

Unfortunately for the non-rooted Incredible users, this is built as a ROM and requires you to be rooted, perform a full wipe and be on the newest baseband which leaked a week or so ago in order for it to work.

I should also warn you that returning to stock after doing this might be difficult at this time, so please don’t come asking for a way to return if the OTA update does in fact start rolling out next week.


Download:  20100727_stock_froyo_signed.zip

Full support thread at the source link below.

Any of our rooted DI peeps on this already or willing to give it a shot?

Source:  XDA Forums

  • gary

    can u charge the battery using your computers usb port, with the supplied usb cable that comes with the htc droid incredible?

  • nv40pimp

    I have the same issue… records about 2 sec, buzzes then freezes then restarts the phone

  • Ddansvob

    Installed the leaked ota and now have version 2.2 . the only feature i didnt get was 720p video. did i miss something?

  • Ctmaines

    Anyone else having problems with the video camera on this build? I loaded it up today…super fast and everything is good except the video…I changed the res to 720p, tried to record video and it locked up the phone and it made a buzzing sound for about 10 seconds then rebooted. I switched it back to 800×480 res, tried to record again and it did the same thing. Wonder what the deal is?

    • themiracle2012

      have not had this problem. do you have the previous leaked ota installed?

    • nv40pimp

      I have the same issue… records about 2 sec, buzzes then freezes then restarts the phone

  • xmetl

    omfg htc sense and froyo, can someone get this ported to the motorola droid?

  • Hi, I'm curious about the Flash 10 player. Can anyone who's run this update do some homebrew benchmarking on the Flash 10 player and report about it?

    • PSU

      If only I could get flash to work…. my browser crashes every time I open a flash enabled website. I'm not sure if this was caused because I had the flash plugin for 2.1 installed before I updated.. but it really sucks plus I can't uninstall flash now.

      • PSU

        NM once I used titanium to uninstall the old 2.1 flash apk everything works fine now

        • Hi, do you have anything to report regarding the stability and/or the performance of Flash content with 2.2 and the FP10?

  • I want to connect my Incredible to my HD TV. Where are they selling the proper cord?

  • I did this, and it worked well. I'm fairly pleased. I consider myself a noob..I just followed the instructions on the first page of the XDA Forums and I had no problems.

  • El El Kool J

    flashed on my girls Dinc last night.. runs with no problems. very smooth stable and FAST. quadrants 1400+ havent checked linpack yet will do later tonight. also uses new Dinc bootanimation.

  • Lovin this update. Been running it senseui last night. No probs and great quadrant score….

  • EC8CH

    Full on update senseui across the sky!

  • themiracle2012

    Just did this last night. Super easy!
    Download zip file to sd card
    change name to update.zip
    reboot into recovery
    select apply update.zip (don't forget to backup)

    I didn't even have to do a wipe, just backup. 38+ mflops 1148 benchmark. and that's just stock!

  • I tried it, as soon as I saw the City ID app. I backed out and put SkyRaider back on my phone. Ill do it again tomorrow when I can go and delete all the apps that I dont want…

  • palomosan

    One important thing, you need to update the Radio, if you just run the update without doing this, some of the apps won't work, like the Camcorder.

  • mgavina23

    just installed it and its freakin awesome!! the only thing i see that i dont like is that some of my purchased apps aren't available anymore. even when i search for it they don't show up. any suggestions on that?

  • Awesome! If the OTA doesn't come soon I know what I'm doing with that unrEVOked flash software! 😉

  • palomosan

    I'm about to try it, I was running Sense and Froyo but not the real thing, I'm going to check it out, awesome news.

  • I got this to work on thr droid

  • digitalicecream

    And bluetooth headset dialing finally works!!! FTW!

  • I'm so torn…I'm one of the lucky few that have an original DI. I'm dyin' to root my phone and froyo the hell out of it, but I'm also terrified of bricking it. Has anyone else tried this yet?

  • Droid Life I love you so much. Why do you tease me so. I forever check each and every day to see what the haps is. Please oh please send me great new info. I love you DL I love you……………………………………………

  • I live for these updates, idc if i have a D1 im excited for the DI users.

  • totally gonna run this on my droid x…brb

    • ok so i was a lil impatient and cut & pasted all the files on my phone with these and hit the copy and replace all option…now im getting this wierd batman style logo, like the bat is totally missing its torso…i think its just my screen acting up or something cuz it hasnt flickered once, im thinking that bat logo is just a severe case of dead pixels/burn in…can anyone else confirm this?

      • its prob the bootloader. its stuck on the droid logo but this ROM is for the DI ONLY for that reason you may have bricked your phone try going into recovery or see if there is an original rom online

        • James Montgomery

          LOL, you ate the bait!

  • digitalicecream

    Holy smokes… boots so much faster… now to restore my info and apps…

  • I'm so excited. This makes me happy in my crotchal region.

  • I just want 2.2 on my DX!

  • Are we 100% certain it works for the droid 1


      • rebelz13


        Do I have to unroot, install the ota, root and then install this? I currently have radio 1

        • digitalicecream

          yes, unroot, OTA, reroot. reboot to recovery, wipe data and cache, apply, enjoy

  • Screw the incredible what about the droid??????????

    • Scmic7

      Yes it works for the droid 1

    • Nik

      The D1 already has a 2.2 custom ROM.

      • Ya i have it but not the one with hotspot enabled.

        • The_Other_Ray

          Just download “wireless tether for root” in the market. It's free and turns your droid into a wireless hotspot.

          • Micahms

            I did this and it only worked once. So i tried a new rom and the same thing happend it works once then quits. Any ideas?

          • The_Other_Ray

            Not sure what exactly the problem is. I'm running Cyanogenmod 6 RC2 and it works fine consistently. Came from jRummy 5.0.9 and it worked on it as well. But when I installed Cyanogenmod, I wiped data and cache (I always do this when switching ROMS just to have a clean install) so I'm not sure if that's the reason why I haven't had any problems.

            If you have the time, you might want to wipe and reinstsall. Good luck.

    • Captain obvious

      droid sucks. incredible dominates.

      • Mrpicolas

        till the x hits 2.2 then omap will prevail :-0

  • mgavina23

    i am rooted using the unrevoked method. haven't installed any custom roms so will i receive the OTA when it starts rolling out? or do i need to unroot??

    • kellex

      Unrevoked puts Clockwork recovery on your phone so you will not get the OTA.

      • DI + Froyo = WIN

        kellex can;t he just unroot and get the OTA?

        • He didn't say he could unroot. 😛
          It's up to the user. lol

          • mgavina23

            i'm pretty new to rooting and stuff. is there an easy way to unroot from the unrevoked method?

          • digitalicecream

            follow mejdam;s video's http://www.youtube.com/user/mejdam

      • DI + Froyo = WIN

        can't he just unroot?

      • mgavina23

        any way to unroot from unrevoked?

  • Scmic7

    Sounds too risky. But im getting impatient with verizon if the OTA update doesn't happen next week, I will definitely give this a go.

    • digitalicecream

      confirmed works great. everything.

    • Not risky at all, and this way you have Froyo and root! Can't get much better.

    • palomosan

      Just do a nandroid back up through rom manager and if you don't like it just go back by restoring the rom you backed up.

  • GoneFishing

    Will this run on Droid 1??? Or Only Incredible……

    • Scmic7

      After reading it sound like it will apply to both.

      • kellex

        No no, this is Incredible only people.

    • Tisk tisk 🙂

    • i dont think so since its using sense but i could be wrong try it

      • digitalicecream

        Incredible only.

    • Droid Incs ONLY 🙂

  • digitalicecream

    and just like that I'm no longer interested in the X. Sweeeeeeet!

  • First !

    • first what?

      • to comment this post , but thats beside the point. I want droid1 to get 2.2 already

        • OH lol thats funny! Nice touch!

        • Nik

          I got a DX cause i got tired of waiting for froyo on D1. Now i find out they may have the same date…Oh well i love my DX

    • JosueD

      Their have been a couple of D1 android 2.2 leaks already… FRF57, FR84B, FRG01.

      • yea ive tried even FRG90B but they dont seem as stable as the ones 2.1 with the exception of cynogemod and UD

  • JosueD


    • guy

      1st at making a fool of one's self, you mean.

  • andrew401

    VERY STABLE! VERY VERY STABLE AND FAST! been running it for a lil bit now and never had any problems

    • digitalicecream

      Question for you. I know it has to be rooted…so are you running the post OTA update.zip and then installed this over it or did you not have the post OTA, or… ?

    • digitalicecream

      Full wipe = Wipe Data/ Factory reset AND wipe cache? Thanks in advance…

  • Sweet! Will try after I try BB latest!