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Apple Tosses DROID X Into Antennagate, Here is Our Video

Apple just stepped into the arena, my friends.  And they are about to lose.

Throughout this ridiculous Antennagate situation, we kept expecting the evil empire to step up and attack either the Droid 1, Droid X, Nexus One or at least one of the other major Android players.  Instead they opted for the Droid Eris, a phone that probably shouldn’t have been featured under the name “Droid” as it was essentially an entry-level Android phone from day one.  We just laughed that one off.  Today however is a different story.  They finally worked over their little testing facility enough to find a way to attack the newest Droid family member on the block and the results are completely laughable.

First up is our video which is in a weak signal area and in the non-Apple spaceroom.  Translation, these are real world results…

If you feel the need to see theirs, here it is…

Come on Apple.  Your deflecting is not working.

Oh and the funniest i*hone 4 video to date to liven up your Friday…

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cheers Chris, Stan and John!

  • Hfghh

    Motorola droid x is such a piece of @&$$! Nothing but problems I have with it. I’m upgrading to a iphone 4s. Android u can suck it. DROID DOESN’T

  • I like how they hold the phone different for each cell phone and none of them are how you would actual hold your phone to talk on it , or use it to check your email, or twitter, or anything it’s just unnatural.

  • I think it's more like millions of dollars worth of cases. In any case if they have admitted the mistake, why are they still deflecting.

  • Its really good that worked over their little testing facility enough to find a way to attack the newest Droid family member on the block.

  • Apple is obviously participating in unfair and deceptive acts or practices in commerce by attempting to take their own iPhone four antenna hardware design flaw to other businesses.

  • Well its pretty obvious whether you rooted your phone or not. i'm assuming its a droid?Really nice post. Thanks

  • Actually, I think it's more like millions of dollars worth of cases. 🙂 In any case (pardon the pun) if they have admitted the mistake, why are they still deflecting

  • Richard

    Bars seem somewhat irrelevant. If you go go settings, status, and look at the actual DBM level, my droid x goes from -89dbm to about -101 when I death grip. That's substantial as 3db is a doubling of power so it attenuates almost 10 times the original strength.

  • eresting that Apple has only chosen Android phones as of yet in their antenna testing. A bit obvious, Apple

  • Apple just stepped into the arena, my friends. And they are about to lose.
    Throughout this ridiculous Antennagate situation, we kept expecting the evil empire to step up and attack either the Droid 1, Droid X, Nexus One or at least one of the other major Android players. Instead they opted for the Droid Eris

  • I know lots of “regular” guys, and it's pathetic how many of them get jealous of success.what are those widgets you are using i want them?

  • I know lots of “regular” guys, and it's pathetic how many of them get jealous of success.

  • Interesting that Apple has only chosen Android phones as of yet in their antenna testing. A bit obvious, Apple.

  • I really impressed through videos,thanks to post have you some more…..

  • I'm looking at getting the Droid X. Yet, I don't think that the iPhone is satan. I actually work at Apple. The reason I have the droid, I love the customization and freeness of features.

  • Wassup

    Where did you get that cool background with the time and weather?

  • Wassup

    Where did you get that cool background with the time and weather?

  • BAoxymoron

    Hey kellex sidenote: the reason they thought it was so innovative was because it uses two antennas(both metal strips are separate antennas) but in typical apple fashion they dicided to put form over function and exposed both antennas…. and put them right next to each other

  • Ertats

    Freakin awesome video. I have a droid and my girl has an I suck phone and she is always trying to prove to me that her phone is better. I have no need to argue because my phone speaks for itself lol.. Great videos.

  • there vid is so photo shopped, if he lost all signal how did he not drop the call

  • picaso86

    iPhone SUCKSS !!!! :]

  • Justin

    I noticed that when I hold my stupid droid x underwater, it loses signal and turns off!

  • Drcaveman2

    what are those widgets you are using i want them?

  • joesred
  • Jduro923


  • Should get Mythbusters to measure the size of the giant hand.

  • I can't death grip mine, n it actually does hurt haha I accidentally start the camera too

  • Mliebman1011

    wow im pretty sure i posted that video a while ago on another post but its cool u guys can have it it it hilarious!!

  • Kellex i love your wallpaper man. You have to tell me where you got it.

    • Nik

      It's stock on Droid X. Go through your wallpapers.

  • Jgumphress

    I thought I would try gripping my Droid like the photos show and my bars actually INCREASED from three to four (max).

  • CompCrash

    I like how you Gain bars. Not only did you proved them wrong it worked better. =P

  • Pastrami123

    ok we get it you can change the top story now!

  • Wait….where's the 3G notification by the bars? Are you kidding me Apple?


    so last night downloaded cyanogen and everything seemed fine but then it was time to go home and it was raining.. phone was in pocket.. got home (literally 3 blocks down) pulled on my phone and noticed the keyboard was wet. then the screen started flashing… then it went black. (wasnt dropped). the screen was still responsive.. but today i held it up the the light and i can see the screen.. its like the light behind it has gone black.. first thing i did was go into setting and check the brightness and its at 100%.. so earlier today i went into verizon and a new phone is on its way (not insurance) but now im scared because wont they be able to tell the phone was rooted? is there anything i can do? I really hope someone can please help me.. 🙁

    • dannyyang524

      its pretty obvious whether you rooted your phone or not. i'm assuming its a droid? anyways rooting is against the Verizon ToS. but then again they can't see the screen…. so you have to play the waiting game. :O

      • cant i just hold x nd power then do a factory reset to get unrooted? like i said i can see the screen (its really hard but with a bright light and at the right angle its possible

  • where did you get your wallpaper? I love it!

  • nick o

    RENAME THE TITLE TO “Apple Tosses Droid X Into Antennagate (It Gets Personal)”

  • Evermour

    …can you imagine being slapped by that guy..jeez. his hands are huge…mine can barely do that on my incredible..

  • Kit

    Ya I gained bars also when I death gripped it.

  • Octotron

    What kind of mongoloid do they have holding that damn phone? I tried it myself. it hurts. Who the hell holds a phone like that?


  • ZoulKyud
  • joesred

    DX is the best reception phone I have ever had….

  • Skywalke286

    I tried two handed death gripping my Droid 1 in my bathroom in the basement surrounded by copper piping. Bars went from 1 to ……… drum role….. 1. In phone status, I got the signal strength to change by a few dBm vs on the table but nothing else. Oh, and I have huge hands, so I really was enveloping the phone completely.

  • I like how the hold the phone different for each cell phone and none of them are how you would actual hold your phone to talk on it or use check your email or twitter or any thing its just unnatural. What a bunch of tool pouches apple has become over this.

  • Creck1

    First thing I thought when seeing that picture was who holds there phone like that? Nice try apple

  • LOL, I love how Apple has disabled comments on their video.

  • mbaldwin85

    haha you notice how they disabled the comments section on their stupid little video on YouTube

  • ok first of all if u see the video that apple posted it dosent show the (3G) logo on the signal bar on the phone it jst shows the signal bar ….no 3G logo…now see the video posted by a real DROID X user if u see the signal indicator u can clearly see the 3G logo along with the signal indicator ….please apple stop making things worse for ur self admit that u screw up and u need to take responsability for wht crappy phone u created and RECALL THE F-N phone! (I-sucks) !!!! oh i also try to dead gripp the DROID X and the Moto Droid and guess wht? the signal got stronger !!!! OMG! wht a shock! (not really cause droid products actually work)

    Ps…the banned Iphone 4 promo needs to be put on TV ASAP! lol that would teach steve jobs a lesson ! stop blamming other companies on ur mistakes u looser!

  • thereznoiinteam

    I have a Droid. I'm looking at getting the Droid X. Yet, I don't think that the iPhone is satan. I actually work at Apple. The reason I have the droid, I love the customization and freeness of features. However, I wouldn't recommend an Android phone to my mother, or my sister. They are just not as easy to use as iPhones. On the antenna issue…what antenna issue. THE ONLY TIME I DROPPED A CALL OR LOST RECEPTION IS WHEN I TRIED TO!!!!! Apple is NOT being disingenuous when they say that all phones are capable of losing reception. Possibly the reason that in your videos you are not losing signal is because you are not already in an area with low signal strength. I don't understand why you can't enjoy the phone you have without bashing somebody else's. All this nonsense is a sign of defensiveness. Apple is just doing this to show how ridiculous all this antenna nonsense is and is not singling out anyone else, but showing that signal strength can be affected on all phones. worst case scenario with the iphone: put a little sticker over the black line…no more problem. The iPhone 4, only 1 more dropped call per 100 than the 3gs. get a life. enjoy what you have without whining

    • I will say I have friends who have iphones and for them it was a real issue. It is not like every customer only drops one extra call. It is an average. So while some are in… I dunno LA and have a high tower ratio which helps to counter the dropped calls, people in Alamogordo,NM where the tower ratio is lower will have more dropped calls to raise the average. I am also 100% sure they did not track the millions of phones they sold. When any company gets figures like that, they get samples from bigger metropolitan locations because they are centers of population and thus are more affected than Bovina, TX.

      I don't bash apple, but I proudly display my droid. I have done their test with my droid, my niece's eris, and my friend's droid x and got similar results with the bars actually increasing on each phone. I also want to mention that I have some big hands. They are about 10 inches (Thumb to pinkie) and 10 inches (base of palm to tip of middle finger) so I assume I would be a good person to try deathgrip. I wish I had video of the tests, I just did it because I was bored and wanted to see if it was true.

      Last thing is if you upgrade a phone, it is supposed for perform the functions better than it's predecessor. Why upgrade to a new phone if it drops more calls (even one more is one too many). Whether it is an iphone, droid, enV, whatever brand name it is, to have people spend $200+ on a phone that is not better than the cheaper one before it is not a good idea because it can upset people.

    • Erik

      “I don't understand why you can't enjoy the phone you have without bashing somebody else's.”
      Ummm….see Apple, and their attempt to originally bash HTC, Blackberry, and Samsung.
      “Apple is just doing this to show how ridiculous all this antenna nonsense is and is not singling out anyone else, but showing that signal strength can be affected on all phones.”
      Not singling anyone out? They've singled out Motorola's Droid X, HTC's Droid Eris, the Blackberry, and Samsung Omnia!
      I will be the first to admit, I am typing this from a MacBook, which I dearly love. It's a great computer, and I'm not sure if I would ever go back to a PC. But this deal with Apple and their phones is ridiculous. You shouldn't have to put a little sticker over the black line. This is something that should have been dealt with when the phone was in testing.
      We aren't whining. We're just not fans of Apple throwing other phones into this mess, trying to defect the blame.

      • thereznoiinteam

        If you were selling apples ( fruit) and ur customers were complaining that
        your apples had 3 seeds and a core in them as if no other apples had a core.
        And you showed them all other apples have cores and 2 seeds. Would the
        customers of other apple sellers be complaining…no

        • Javsld568

          That makes no sense at all… a fruit is a fruit, who needs more seeds? no one cares as long as the fruit taste good. more seeds isnt going to make you younger or healthier.

          Now talking about phone bars that makes sense because you dont want the calls to drop. I know you are trying not to sound biased but you really are, and sounds to me like you are defending your job at apple.

          Steve is trying to prove that other phones have signal problems along with his iphone, yes? of course whats wrong with that? why are people mad?

          I will tell you why, because its false, you still come here and post about how apple is just trying to make a point, but did you miss the video? Bars went UP not down… many many users of the same phone try online to do the same thing, infact if you have a droid yourself do the death grip test yourself and go back to your job next morning and do a death grip on the iphone 4. ALL the phones have the antenna Interally, the iphone 4 is the only one with the external antenna, that is why it has this issue.. here is a better anology by endaget staff

          “It's like someone making a faulty bike that can't balance properly and requires that you 'lean in a certain way'. Riding it normally makes it fall over. Then they defend their product by stating all bikes have balancing problems and leaning in a certain way can make it off-balance (but not fall over).”- Xsacha, Engadget

      • thereznoiinteam

        And singling out (single meaning one ) os clearly not what tjey are doin
        they are show that attenuation happens on most phones

    • Reeb99

      You do realize that this is in response to the video Apple posted, right? If they would just own up and admit that putting the antenna on the outside of the phone wasn't such a good idea after all, this thing would never have been blown up like this.

      Instead, they chose the childish response. First ignore the problem, then say, “You're holding it wrong.” When that doesn't work, try to say that it's a software bug and that the user never had enough signal in the first place because we have been lying about signal street all along. Last but not least, try to drag every other mobile phone manufacturer into the mud even steer you still can't get them to drop calls.

      If Darth Jobs would have just admitted that they screwed up in the first place, this thing would be history by now. Instead, Apple is simply making a mockery of themselves.

      • thereznoiinteam

        Apple is giving out thousands of dollars in cases and refunds. I think
        they've admitted a mistake. During those other things said they were
        probably just figuring out how to fund the cases or what their options.
        Were. They are not saying nothing is wrong…they are saying the problems
        been exxagerrated…which it has by a long shot. They admit the calls drop
        otherwise thered be no free cases. The question is…why do you care? I
        can understand an iPhone owner being upset if calls are dropped…but why
        you…I say this as an android owner and I love my phone

        • Reeb99

          Actually, I think it's more like millions of dollars worth of cases. 🙂 In any case (pardon the pun) if they have admitted the mistake, why are they still deflecting?

          After thinking about it, they might be trying to take a jab back at Motorola for the full page add thing, but in the end they just proved Moto's point. You can even hold it like a giant and it STILL will not drop the call.

          Why do I care? Because I have friends who continually fall for *pple's misleading tactics. Until I convert every i*hone wielding friend of mine, I will continue to point out all the fallacies.

    • Tom

      What Apple is not doing is admitting that what is happening with their phones is not simple attenuation. Yes, all phones experience SOME attenuation, but not enough to drop calls… Why? Because radio waves GO THROUGH HUMANS. Radio waves barely interact with the human body because they are on the scale with mountains. What is happening with the iPhone 4 is basically the bridging of the antenna, which causes the antenna to stop working, because humans produce a natural electric charge. Funny they didn't think about that since that is what makes their capacitive screen work.

  • Steve Jobs is just pissed that Chuck Norris wont own an iphone!

    • dannyyang524

      Chuck Norris doesn't have an i*hone because of the same reason he doesn't use a tampon.

  • ryanwalter

    this has nothing to do with the antenna-gate hoopla, but something i just discovered, if you put your droid on your macbook pro (next to the trackpad) it puts it in dock-mode, just something neat i guess. ill prolly get backlash for having a macbook pro, but whatever, its a good computer

    • mbaldwin85

      its just magnetized

    • dannyyang524

      i think i can do that with a refrigerator magnet

  • The_Other_Ray

    “my hand's in pain” lol.

    That's classic, kellex.

  • Orion

    Leave it to Apple to disable comments on the YouTube Video. Apple is like the snot-nosed kid who yells out his point of view and then won't listen or engage in the dialogue anymore. Lame.

  • ajavgeek

    I think Motorola is the position now to answer this in big way. They should pound apple like anything. If they keep quiet now, then it will look like they also agree. Sad move by apple

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    In Apple's video that is clearly the hand of Chuck Norris, which brings me to this conclusion: In failing to fix their own shortcomings and trying to project them on to other companies, they unwittingly stumbled on to something in this world Chuck Norris CANNOT do, which is make a call drop on a Droid X.

  • Man Apple is really starting to piss alo of people off, and for me this tops everything they've said, first the Eris now the DX, ok it's war now and Android has an army behind it. Lets make apple pay

  • jlung

    So, rather then producing a high-end quality product, Apple would rather prove how they're only as good as their competition?

  • Torchify

    Can't believe apple is so butthurt over this. You hould revise your video to show the actual db. We don't need no stinking bars.

  • miklo69420

    That video is clearly fixed. In the apple video there isn't even a 3G icon or even a 1X icon next to the signal like it always does and that you can clearly see in the droid-life video. Idiots.

  • El El Kool J

    This is like Toyota showing videos of other car makers cars driving and saying “look if you sit just like this and hold the steering wheel just right, their gas pedal stick too and you will crash.” lmao.. Come on Apple!

  • Ridiculous that Apple's trying to dirty the name of the competitors by a mistake he made to Mr. Jobs knew it from the start and is there trying to find a way to mess also the reputation of competitors, Mr. Jobs did not work, try the street right next time I hate the iPhone at all!

  • Christopher G

    Apple is so full of it…… Apple = FAIL i think they need to admit they they f*cked up and get over it…

  • nick o

    u should have said apple tosses droid x into antennagate (it gets personal)!

  • RW-1

    This is something I noticed, let me know if it happens on 2.1, because I'm on froyo.

    If you begin a call the 3G icon drops out, you have your call symbol and signal strength only.

    Now, considering that the 3G symbol (IMO) is data related, that would make sense, as you cannot use data while on a call, also, because if you switch to wi fi you lose that 3G symbol as well.

    So saying I lose 3G on a call is not really true, you are still on your call, you know, the one that doesnt drop.

  • does anyone know where i can find some htc icons like the ones that be on the dock?

  • Tabe

    Wrapped both of my hands around the entire perimeter of my Droid X, for 5+min, and nothing… Not ONE bar drop… Guess I gotta test it in Apple's magical bar dropping room…

  • Porschephile2k3

    So sad that Apple had to resort to swiftboat mode.Sooo lame!

  • Reeb99

    A few thoughts… First the DX gets the best reception of any phone I've ever had. The only phone I've had that even came close was a first generation Nokia pre-paid. I don't know if it had good reception because it was a pre paid phone or if it was because it was a Nokia. It just did.

    Two, when the Eris thing came out, I seriously TRIED to death grip DX. I live in (the closest thing to) a valley in southeast Kansas. If I gripped it extremely hard, I only gained bars. The ONLY thing that seems to effect this phone in weak signal areas is physically where it its in the room. Any cell phone user will tell you that every phone had this problem.

    Three, I've simply never had any service what so ever without 3g. iPhone users cannot even get 3g here. The only way I have ever seen 3g go away its during a call. Like several ppl have already pointed out, it never dropped the call. If it wasn't in call mode, then it's obviously fake results carried out in apple's lab, where you don't know what kind of convenient interference they are creating. Every body already knows, you simply do not get Verizon signal without 3g.

    The only two things I see coming out of this is increased DX sales and Motorola stock going up.

  • not a guest

    Hello. I have a very general question.
    What are the advantages of purchasing a protective shield/cover for your phone?
    is it for the insurance/replacement policy?
    thanks in advance!

    • I don't think their are any cell phone insurance policies that require you to put a case or screen cover on your phone, but I believe that for the most part you should at least have a clear screen protector so you dont scratch up your screen, but otherwise getting a case just somehting you could do to help protect your expensive phone from drops, dings, bangs, etc

  • lol I would hate to be Mr. Jobs right now. Do you think he gets much sleep as of late???
    Screw them with all their cry-baby antics… The Droid X didn't even have 3G service where they were testing. What a crock. There's something like 145 posts on JUST this topic of how ridiculous this whole thing is… Simple fact remains, Droid Does, Crapple doesn't…

  • Hey where'd you get that background on your Droid X?? also thats beautiful widgets your using right??

  • Tom

    I still say Apple should just stock the Genius bar with a special non-conductive clear tape that they can wrap around the antenna and bond to the phone so it won't come off. That way they can fix their problem without a case… Though I suppose they have to use their cases some how…

  • Matthewnasholm

    HAHA my bars went up too on my Droid X

  • 50CalAL

    1st off, I don't consider myself an Apple hater, I have several pieces of Apple hardware (i.e. MacBook Pros, Mini, Powerbooks, Airports, etc.) and overall do like Apple products.

    My home is in a dead zone, loose 3G get switch to 1X sometime neither (that's why I've stuck w/Verizon as they are the only cell service I can rely on to work in my house).

    So I tried this and definitely does NOT drop bars or calls. IN FACT I actually get more bars when I grip it by the antenna area on the bottom, so thanks Apple, found a way to improve my reception.

    But Apple, c'mon, stop trying to defuse and deflect from the actual problem. Own up and fix your sh*t!

    • Grow Up

      I would have to agree with you 100%, I have many apple products at home. I would have probably purchased an i-*hone back when it came out, However; I am a corp Big Red employee and I refuse to have a phone with a competitor. This antenna issue with apple is way too sad, the result of their childish response to a really grown-up problem means I will not be buying an i-*hone even if it were on the network. I have worked for VZW since 2005 and this year I bought my first personal phone (Droid Incredible) and I'm hooked and don't want anything else.

      I'd have to say…… WTH S Jobs??? I picked up 3 X's and tried very hard to make any of them to do what the video shows with the end result being “MORE BARS”???? Grow up and just fix it so we all can move on.

      In the end Apple looses a customer, Android and Microsoft win.

  • Ryan

    who knows how many times Apple had to do this before they got the final video they put on youtube. 40+ times? 1 out of 1000 chance?

  • Ryan

    anyone else notice there is no 3G signal indicated and wifi isnt at least enabled. Looks like a simulated controlled test.

    • Tom

      Um…. That is due to being in a call… In a call you get no 3G… BUT! The lack of the “Dropped call” message after hitting 0 bars is curious.

      • Ryan

        oh is that what it looks like in a call on the Droid X? i thought that was just the dialer before you place the call.

  • Whodiman

    Anyone else notice that in Apple's death grip video the X Status bar isn't showing the 3G icon? Their video is some sort of fake because my phone always shows the 3G icon

  • Tom

    This is obviously faked… Know how I know? Last I checked, you lose all bars during a call like they are in…. You get a pop-up saying YOU DROPPED THE CALL! Where is that message?

    Also… I think they are using a radio jammer in this testing facility… Anyone want to go investigate?

  • Troy

    Oddly enough, that's how my girlfriend holds my Droid X before she puts her mouth next to the mic to talk.

    My Droid's reception actually gets bigger.

    So I don't know what apple is getting at.

  • f*ck u jobs and f*ck u apple!!!

  • Unless you talk on the phone like this


  • 1lionmurrill

    The Droid X sucks ass. I wraped my Droid X in saran wrap, aluminum foil, dunked it in water, microwave defrosted it, and than held it with a death grip and I lost all my bars. This phone sucks.

    • thebourbonnflip

      i saw this comment before….on the youtube video…hahahaha

  • thebourbonnflip

    i know someone should of noticed this before..but has anyone noticed the TIME on the pictures…the top left has 506 as 'FULL' while at 505 its down……wtf???? and then the other 2 bottom pictures….505 full..and the next one looks to be at 525 or 535, holding a phone that way for like 20-30 minutes…wow..thats gota feel awkward.

  • yo that wallpaper on your droid x is tight where you get it from? is there a link for it or app to get it?

  • Steve Jobs is just mad because apple built an inferior product. He knows that android is superior and he just cries himself to sleep every night with his binky and nightlite. He just wishes that he had come up with android instead of the rotten “apple”.

  • Chris Nimon

    dont know if this was already mentioned but CyanogenMod 6.0.0-RC2 is out.

  • Stephen D

    Off topic, but if you go look on the Linpack site the DX maybe be getting cracked. The top Droid X is running at 1154mhz, which would mean a custom kernel!

    • Tom

      No… It only means it is rooted and they are using SetCPU…

  • ohhh Now motorola is gonna have some S#%t with Apple!!!!
    Can't wait for that news!!!!!
    Kellex if you hear the news, please send me an email.

  • ohhh Now motorola is gonna have some S#%t with Apple!!!!
    Can't wait for that news!!!!!
    Kellex if you hear the news, please send me an email.

  • Chris Nimon

    hahaha tried to watch this on youtube and it said Adding comments has been disabled for this video.

  • ZoulKyud
  • I want to see if someone can make a death grip on the Original Droid! I've tried different positions, and even just tried holding the entire phone in my hands trying to grip all around it!

    I feel like these videos can't be that hard to make right? so if they wanna prove their point, make one for every video in the past couple of years and then problem solved! just selecting a few phones I don't think proves much, especially since I think they're funky…

    • Rizzidy

      I was able to lose about 15-20 dBm with a ridiculous smothering of the phone.

  • thescreensavers

    My videos


    and More Scientific


    Replicates the “Dropping bars” but it seems to be a software bug as the signal strength is still good.

  • Stephen D

    “We'll move one. We'll still hate you but we'll move on.” Ahahahahahaha awesome video. Apple sucks.

    • Stephen D

      I just sent Apple a link to the video and told them they suck. Wonder if I'll get a reply?

      • Chris Nimon

        Knowing jobs youll get a subpoena

        • Rizzidy

          He'll backtrace you!

        • Stephen D

          That'd be funny.

        • nick o

          in a few day jobs will send kellex an email for a sease and decist for vialating apple patent on forums

  • theJRK

    Anyone else notice the person out of focus walking behind Mongo's death grip at about the time the “attenuation”? Apple might try a bit harder to control the environment in this psychological, I mean, scientific, experiment.

    • Chris Nimon

      maybe they had an “antennae booster” in their pocket 🙂

  • Chris Nimon

    I wear size XL gloves, cant even get a size L on. I stuck my Droid in my hand and it was still bigger in my hand than the DX in his hand. Either this guy is 8 feet tall or their was some “editing” in this video. I was unable to recreate his test on the Droid. I was able to drop 1 bar (still had 3) by holding in landscape mode and smothering the ends. I think Aphole has moved into slander territory and Motorola should sue Aphole and Steve “blow” Jobs.

  • Droid help question? Since I started running froyo roms when I go into my messages and I try to select the latest message and instead of opening the selected message thread it opens the thread at the bottom of the screen. Has anyone else noticed this problem or know a fix for it? I have noticed it on all roms but Im running jrummy v5.0.9 if that helps.

  • orion_damage

    Hey everyone I'm selling my Droid A855 along with the home charger, car charger, and multimedia station for a really low price and if anyone is interested please see my auction on Ebay!


  • Geeksrule

    Possibly a dumb comment, but did anyone else notice that while his fingers were touching the droid x screen, none of the on-screen buttons responded.
    His fingers are clearly on the 7, *, bluetooth, and add call button.
    I know my d1 would respond.

    **Next iphone commercial: “At least we're not BP.”

    • Chris Nimon

      Definitely looked like he was probably touching 7, and *, but he was ABSOLUTELY touching bluetooth and it didnt turn on. Hmmmm, wonder if this was “enhanced”

      • Reeb99

        No doubt, I've never wrapped my hands around mine like that without turning something on by accident.

    • NotApple

      Notice there is no “3g” next to the bars?

  • Stefanlewinger

    KELLEX! I thought i should point out that the Droid X in Apple's video is not even connected to a network! All Verizon phones display either a “3G” or “1x” next to the signal bars when connected to the network…. WTF

    • Stefanlewinger

      nevemind….foot in my mouth

      when on a call the icon goes away, sorry

  • What is really sad about this “antenna gate” half the tech sites think Apple “fixed” the issue… RIM had the best response to Apple insults… we don't have to give users a free “bumper case” for our devices to hold reception… although Nokia comes in second with the thousands of man hours going into designing an antenna based on users holding phones…. Steve Jobs stop trying to think yourself out of it and just fire an the responsible engineers and let it go… Arrogant People Producing Lame Electronics…

  • StephanC

    He's just pissed because he can't “Rule the air”

    But seriously? No other manufacturer was stupid enough to put an exposed antenna band on the outside of the phone. He screwed up but he doesn't want to admit it.

  • The response video was honestly more ludicrous than Apple's original video. It's pretty damn clear that testing conditions will vary significantly, and there's no way in the world you'll be able to replicate exactly what Apple did…and to even try to do so just looks ridiculously silly. It's also pretty damn clear that Apple, a company with very deep pockets, isn't stupid enough to make otherwise libelous statements (if untrue) about another massive mega company with a substantial legal team in wait, without *some* sort of evidence to support them.

    This all begs the question: why is this even being responded to? Do we really care that Apple was able to, under conditions that are nearly impossible in the real world, find a minor *potential* shortcoming? This is about the least important thing I can imagine being worthy of time.

    • Yeah! I get zero satisfaction knowing my phone's antenna is better.

    • Tom

      The problem isn't the tests, its the inconsistencies in the tests…

      • Michael_NM

        No, the problem is that these aren't tests. They are anecdotal “evidence” of something that is truly meaningless. Signal bars mean almost nothing. What's important to end users is the ability to make a call. The issue started with iPhon't users dropping calls, and then became a signal bar issue as defined by Slick Steve. Putting human tissue in direct contact with an antenna is silly idea to even a novice student of radio transmission and propagation. Dr. Droid points this out in his video, “..probably the most absurd engineering feat…” Ultimately, as I've commented here previously, “bars” should tell a user when he or she can make a call. Apparently, that's not the case with the iPhon't. Free “bumpers” is a pretty clear admission that the external antenna was a failure. I've heard no reports of any Droid family members dropping calls. Yet, Jobs et al. have chosen to bring Droid into the discussion. Dr. Droid's video may be anecdotal, but it's clear rebuttal to the massive failure to address the (and attempts to divert attention from) facts by the folks in Cupertino. The fact is Droid owners aren't complaining about dropped calls and iPhon't users are.

  • Chaoscarrot

    What clock widget is that on the Droid X, anyone know? Thanks in advance!

    • No1cares


    • No1cares

      Its the beautiful widget app…just search the market place and set the transparency to zero.

  • 1bad69z28

    My bvrother told them and they wouldn't listen ha ha Apple is so dumb. very funny video will pass this along to a family member that works at an Apple store LMAO More reason for me to give him S*&% LMAO 🙂

  • regor412

    where is the 3g up/down thingy? shouldnt that be there?

  • tntdroid

    That phone is not even on a network. Where is the 3g or a 1x in place of the 3g…

  • tntdroid

    That phone is not even on a network. Where is the 3g or a 1x in place of the 3g…

  • dannyyang524

    We all know this is false, but the fact remains that Apple did show the Droid X “losing” bars. Some people are ignorant and will believe Apple no matter what. -.-

    • Tom

      Until there is a class action lawsuit against Apple by Nokia, Samsung, RIM, Motorola and HTC…

      • thereznoiinteam

        A lawsuit for what. You think they forged the video? come on man you're just being stupid

        • Octotron

          If you think there is no possibility that those videos were trumped up to be something they are not, you obviously do not know much about corporate politics or competition.

          Not to say that it isn't true at all. Of course it is. The issue was how they were done and how they are represented.

        • Tom

          Octotron beat me to it… But really… You don't think an overpaid corporate lawyer could find something?

          I have my money on slander charge and falsifying evidence to undermine their company. All they need to prove that it is not true under normal conditions.

          We shall see in a few months.

  • brando56894

    Youre video is hilarious! Silly apple trying to prove everyone else is as bad as they are

  • PattyOMalley

    That guy in Apple's video must have the biggest hands on the face of the earth. I have pretty big hands and I still couldn't fit my hand around my Droid X like that without it hurting like crazy.

  • dannyyang524

    awwwwwwww hellllllllll no.

  • Makeshiftharmony

    I just tested mine and it went from 74 dBm (Two,Three finger) to 90 dBm (death grip). I did it over and over with the same result. granted the bars didnt move very much.

  • jedijesus95

    I used to respect Apple but this is getting ridiculous.

  • Matt_B

    Thanks posting these Kellex! Hilarious! Cheers Droid Community!

  • ok, how big is that guys hand on the iphone version?! He engulfs the entire phone in his hand. lol, that sad how crapple is trying everything possible to redirect attention from their crap phone.

  • Zeiroe

    I just also tried to get the same effect apple showed with my wifes droidx and couldn't duplicate it. I'm not in a place to make a decent video to show but I think the more videos that come up with people failing to get the DX to drop bars the better. I'll get one up tonight and will probably go further by calling the voicemail and navigating the phone prompts the whole time.

  • Mike

    I'm betting that that might even be a display glitch. Remember, the Droid X has two antennas. One on top and one on bottom. IF the signal drops out form one, it switches to the other, and vice versa. So, maybe while in a call it switched antennas, but didn't update the Signal Strength indicator?

    I mean, the call didn't even drop. If you went to zero bars, you'd think it would drop. But I bet it switches and still has lots of bars, but just doesn't display it correctly.

  • Justin

    I noticed that when I am in my bomb shelter 20 feet underground and encased in steel, my phone gets no signal! Here is one for you, apple!

  • Ace Z.

    Lol read this on Engadget, but I'm glad you Kellex was able to refute Apple's damn claim. You're the man Kellex and thanks for not making me worry my X is coming next week! =)

  • I have not been able to get my signal to fluctuate any more than normal with my Droid 1, Droid X or BlackBerry 8900 (t-Mobile).

    Also, I don't think in the ten years or so that I've had Verizon Wireless phones that I have ever had a call just drop. I've had a few not dial out when I didn't have a signal, but I don't recall ever having any drop mid-call.

  • Godfrey2009

    Another sad sad attempt by Apple to make Android look bad. Ha.

  • Darkcomartist

    That is HILARIOUS!! I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Kellex. You rock.

  • Anunnaki

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!

  • So how is apple showing these BS signal losses, some sort of video editing or other dirty tactics? Obvioulsy death-gripping doesn't exist for the droid franchise

  • Apple probably has a cell phone repeater in the room where this “testing” happens, they shut it off during the taping to fake signal loss.

  • with bluetooth…who holds the phone anyway? iPhone users thats who (in a scarface voice) .

  • removed

    Ok I just did that to my Incredible.
    Yes it drops the signal from 2-3 bars to zero
    BUT and a big “but” – the call never drops! I've never ever had a dropped call in my apartment where the signal isn't that great.


    • EggoEspada

      I think its impossible for someone to drop a call on Verizon, seriously. lol.

      • Toverall

        Well, I know it seems impossible but I live way out in the middle of nowhere and I have occasionally dropped a call BUT that was when I had my Blackberry. Since I have the DX, I haven't dropped any calls and my friends say they can hear me without it cutting out anymore. I have to emphasize that I live in a very rural area.

        • Reeb99

          Same here, rural america. Last phone would drop calls left and right, hasn't happened yet with my X. I have a few friends who bought *pple phones before they found out they couldn't get 3g here. They thought they were uber cool until they saw some Droids in action.

  • weRallDroids


  • teejaytm

    O and side note. Just watched the 3rd video and is clearly one of the funniest videos Ive ever seen

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    The last video said it best:: “Perfect” 😉

  • teejaytm

    Just sent apple a message on youtube. HA! So Dumb. Honestly I didnt know king kong was allowed to have a cell phone. HA!

    • Rawgadget

      I think everyone should send that link to apple

  • Trophynuts

    i'm so tired already of these lame @ss tactics that apple is using. EVEN….and that is a big even. if other phones do lose a little sig when you hold it a certain way. there are two things that are VERY different from that pos iphone4.

    1. On the other phones mostly you have to hold it in an unnatural way to get it to replicate what happens to Apple.
    2. When and IF the sig does drop on other phones you still don't lose a call….

    come on Apple man up and stop trying to deflect the BS.

  • LinuxLover

    You people are just as ridiculous as the Apple fanboys. It's a FREAKIN' PHONE… Get over it! Your life will go on. Why bother with all this? Why bother being defensive and anti-Apple? Get over yourselves and the Droid. I'm willing to bet more than a few of you would jump ship if the iPhone came to Verizon.

    • And why would people do that?

    • How Dare you jump ship no way

      I would rather die my life will not go on

    • teejaytm

      If it annoys you then shouldnt you be on apples site buying an iphone or something? HA!

    • drewr1992

      Your obviously an apple fanboy. This whole site is dedicated to Droid (hence, droid-life.com). And if your going to come in here and start telling us not to be fanboys about a device that can actually do all the things that the i*hone was trying to achieve + more (besides the antenna placement and death touch), than you sir can GTFO!

      • The irony is overwhelming…

      • Octotron

        Good Stuff.

    • Heathcliff

      Wise man.

    • LinuxLover

      I'm neither an Apple fanboy, nor a Droid fanboy. I'm just telling you that it's ridiculous that so many of you get your buttons pushed like this. It's just a phone. It's like some of you take it personal. I have friends that have both Droids and iPhones. I have neither. I come here because I'm interested in a Droid, both as a Linux user and as a Verizon customer. They're both good products for different reasons. This whole gadget-as-a-religion thing is just ridiculous.

      • Niteperson

        Wait until you own one. Then you'll see…

      • Droids and the iPhone aren't just phones. They're a bit more complicated and expensive than just phones. If people didn't feel a bit of passion over these devices, then they wouldn't have felt so compelled to spend over $200 to also be able to view the web, play their music collections and stream through apps, watch videos and movies, and doing more than one normally does on a run of the mill, mundane, and cheap phone. It would be just as fair if we asked you to suck up your operating system passions and accept a complimentary name change to windowslosystem After all, it's just an operating system.

        • LinuxLover

          Well, my response was a little simplified. Let me elaborate more: I actually own an iPod Touch, which in most ways is an iPhone minus the phone and camera. I'm pretty familiar with how different smartphones are than just regular phones like my LG Voyager. However, it still stands that they are a product, not a religion. There are things about each phone that stand out above the other. But this religious cult thing is just ridiculous. If you have a Droid, great… Enjoy it. But, people are equally satisfied with their iPhones. So what? Why go so far as to vilify the competition? Use what works for you.

          Personally, I don't see myself ever leaving Verizon, unless they suddenly become the new Microsoft and take away the very things that make them so appealing to the consumer. I'm also a very avid user of Linux. So, I'm really interested in the Droid series. However, I can tell you from using both iPhones and Droids that my friends have, and my own experience with the iPhone, that they're both great products.

          Believe me, I'm saying similar things in Apple geared forums. This whole fanboy mentality is just dumb…

  • robplatt

    Everyone should flag the iphone videos on youtube as spam/misleading-text. Wouldn't that be funny if youtube pulled them offline for lies.

    • Rizzidy

      Considering Google owns YouTube… no it would not be funny.

  • gamboo

    The real reason way apple has no reception is because most people who own an iPhone have there head so far up their *** they couldn't possible get reception.

    • Edfeea


  • robplatt

    One difference Kellex…. the iphone video, they're testing during a call. Yours wasn't during a call. I say you try one more time, just so the iphone fanboys have nothing to say.

    • es but the in the apple video they didnt drop the call and on iphone it drops the call

  • gamboo

    Apple is just like a husband who gets caught cheating and drops a dime on everyone who even thought about cheating. Can't we all just get along?

  • Jmar1183

    That whole presser I tried death gripping my X, I even had a friend help me to cover the entire phone in flesh except for a space between two fingers to see what was consistently 4 bars

  • drewr1992

    I finally figured out why there is no 3g on the DX video. If you look in the upper left hand corner, their in a call. Thats why theres no 3g.

    Not defending, I hate Steve Jobs and just wish he would disappear.

    Droid for life!!!

    • as someone pointed out to me earlier that is because he is making a call and guess what the call never dropped

      • drewr1992

        He must have called a land line number, because the i*hone would have dropped the call within in 10 secs! 😛

      • Oh but even better I am working on a video, with speaker phone calling the apple support line. It took a lot of work but I can make the antenna fail in the manner apple shows (kind of) if i cup both hands and cover both antennas full force. Motorola has a much more forgiving algorythm, you dont get static or any of that garbage. Problem is I cant use it show reception, because I cant actually hold the phone to talk on it if I am attempting to make it lose signal.

      • Rizzidy

        What you don't see are the 14 microwaves running in the background which just happened to be turned on at the same time as the camera.

  • venomX0125

    wow epic ownage sir kellex HEY APPLE YOU JUST GOT OWNED BY KING KELLEX

  • himurak

    OK so at work I'm in a secured office. You know the old bunkers and such 36' of concrete. I basically work in a box where satellites can't penetrate this thing. I get 1x coverage all over and listen to the radio via Tunewiki all day. Thank you superphone. Oh wait I'm supposed to be bashing this phone…I'm bad at this 🙂

  • Johnsnydergraphix

    I have a Droid 1, running stock 2.1 (c'mon Froyo!) I am 6'4 300 lbs. I have Banana hands. I COMPLETELY engulfed my phone with both hands for 1 minute. Full bars the whole time. Apple should just stick with computers. Please?

    END of Transmission.

    • Ryan

      yes they should but thats what they got beat in last time.. :p. you see, a computer to steve jobs is a one time cash-in. with a smartphone (i*hone) the iPad and iPod touches he gets roughly 30% of app revenue 40% of advertisments revenue, and 30% of the iTunes store revenue. With the apple community continualy buying their products and then paying for apps and ebooks and songs and videos etc.. its an ongoing money train for him. That why hes fighting it and wont go back to just computers. Their recent sales charts have shown a huge drop in Macs and a steady increase in i*hones ipads and ipods.

  • nick o

    kellex we need to find proof that the background of those videos and photos is photoshopped i bet it was in the gay ass space room and they changed the background to a “home” environment


  • I say we should send a blown up poster of Andy vs. Apple and send it right to Steve Jobs' house!

  • Tried the “deathgrip” on my DX and actually gained 2 bars…lol

  • how come on the bar uptop it doesnt say anything like verizon or 3g thin and all that stuff

    also go onto the youtube video its from apple and downrank it lets all do this

    • Droid_Rx

      The reason is because they were making an actual call while testing this…so the 3G disappears as data and calls cannot be made simutaneously on Verizon…which brings me to my next point, the call NEVER DROPPED! I don't think ppl care about losing one or two bars as much as they care about the phone dropping their call! I have tried to “deathgrip” the crap out of my Droid X and it just stays the same…thanks Motorola for actually testing your equipment before releasing it! 🙂

  • dannydarko

    Just to squash a myth to bars don't directly correlate to signal you would think someone as allegedly intelligent as Slobs thinks he is would know this, Jack wagon:)

  • RealGame22

    Why is apple even worried about the Antenna. There users never talk about talking on the phone, only thing iPhone users talk about is there apps.

    • sindeslroyer

      that cost waaaaay more than android apps we might as well add. XD

      • droidaholic

        All they care about is other people knowing that have an I*hone. that's all that matters

    • Edfeea


  • villian1998

    Apple sucks!

  • Socalrailroader

    I thought this site was about Android 😉

  • HAHAHA kellex you are awesome!

  • venomX0125

    im telling you lets focus on putting android 2.2 on i*hone4 and sending it to steve jobs so he can see how a real operating system works……..he'd probably quit apple because it'd be like him finding out his husband is cheating on him lol

  • I attempted to degrade the signal on my Droid1 by using their deathgrip and there was no change. I even used both my hands to cover up as much of the phone as I could and still maintained the same signal strength.

    Apple just screwed the pony on this one. Not to mention I can't get over how anybody would hold ANY phone the way they do in these videos.

  • Noone

    Ok, the last video, Hilarious! The video where they try to deathgrip the X, there's no 3G signal, where were they to do the test, the middle of nowhere. Leave it to apple to completely screw up and not step up to fix it, but attack other phones to try and sound better, sounds like great company ethics. “No we won't fix your phone, but we'll give you a free case…” smooth apple, real smooth.

  • root4life

    i dont know if antone else noticed in the second video there is no 3g or 1x icon beside the bars like its not activated or somethin. dont really know if that makes any difference but shouldnt it be there. oh and of course apple sucks big time

    • thescreensavers

      There is no 3g or 1x icon because they are on a phone call.

    • Youngdrake

      That is because they are in the middle of a call. When you go into a call on the X and open up the dialer the 3g icon goes away.

  • slam marketing. boring.

  • This is pathetic, Apple can't u just admit to make a shitty product and leave other companies out of this mess..

  • jaycos

    maybe instead of trying to fabricate faults on other devices they should focus those efforts on actually fixing the problem. this is probably the most immature action i have ever seen a company take when dealing with a major fault in their product. Way to be a total douche about it Steve!

    • nick o

      i like how they think free cases is a fix they need to get there asses together and do a re call and fix the multiple flaws with this device

      • Yeah and they did an update saying that all those free cases are on backorder till september

    • TheDrizzle

      I totally agree jaycos. Apple needs to own to their mistake and quit projecting their problems on other phones that work normally. First they deny the problem, then they make up some BS signal algorithm problem (essentially admitting to lying about reception the phone gets), and now the are “fixing” the issue by giving free bumbers. How is giving free cases a fix? I would not want to be forced to put a case on my phone, I like the streamlined look. My Droid has never had a case and its in prime condition.

  • The best feature of the iPhone 4 is the Telemarketer aggression feature. When they call you at dinner time and you get really pissed off, you just squeeze the hell outta your phone and it hangs up on them… sometimes I wish my Droid did this… Wait, no I don't.

    • geleenjavelina


      • leniamonio

        I like that line, from the movie, 'Usual Suspects'. You, substituting, Steve Jobs for 'The Devil'. LOL

      • CompCrash

        Just Jobs being Jobs. He has been the way since the company started.

  • Xbjackel

    Apple sucks maybe if you put your phone in a metal box you will loss your signal.

    • no, mine didnt, have used mine in my tool box on bluetooth. lid fell closed, still went on. but i was back to open lid in less then 15 seconds….

  • wuyanks

    nice video kellex. in apple's video, it honestly looked like the phone was about to crumble within that megalozoid's hands, he was squeezing so hard

    • kellex

      Haha megalozoid! It looks like he's holding an Aria it looks so small. I want to meet Mr. Apple Megalozoid.

      • Darkcomartist

        I think the hand holding the Droid X belongs to Mongo from Blazing Saddles. I can imagine Steve Jobs beating him for not covering the antennae properly the first few times “NO MONGO, NO!! COVER THE TOP PART YOU FILTHY BEAST!!!!!”

        • Rich

          My guess is they had something attenuating the signal outside the view of the camera. It would be pretty easy to get a decent powered transmitter near the same frequency and just bring it close to the phone where the camera couldn't see it.

  • EggoEspada

    Awesome video.
    I love these guys in the promo. I remember I watched the iPad one. lmao.

    Anyway, Apple really should just man up and quite complaining. Its pretty bad for a company like that to be acting up this way.

    • thereznoiinteam

      really it's not apple who is complaining. it's all of you kids. And gizmodo. I have seen only 1 iPhone 4 returned and I've worked at apple since the phone came out. If there was a real problem, people would be waiting in lines to return them. And as far as I can tell it is the most successful launch in apples history. That being said. I have a droid 1 and love it

  • Iggypu

    I still drool over the Droid X…but I do love my Droid 1. Thanks for posting this video. Silly Apple Empire.

  • RealGame22

    That 3rd video is funny ass hell. ( Excuse my language)

    • kellex

      It might be the second funniest video of the year behind i*hone vs. EVO.

      • Rizzidy

        You must have missed this one:


        • Octotron


          • Yall sleeping on that!! That joint is nice!!! LMAO!!!

            becuz I backed traced it…..be cranking……

            Thanks for the video. Oh yea, Apple sucks…..I'm all posted out on this. I had someone call me a sick bastard and me and one guy went back n forth in one forum, everyone else in the forum gave us space, stopped posting. I finally gave up. After I got him to stop changing the subject….lol

            Its some heated iPhone 4 fans right now. Know why? Cuz even they see how crazy it looks when trying it with the X.

            1. A big phone, that some ppl say is too big to hold comfortably…lol
            2. Yet Apple found a way to hold it in the exact spot to make it drop signal.
            3. When I try it, I'm starting games on the home screen, dialing numbers on the dial pad, and starting the camera.

            They researched the hell outta the X antenna spots…maybe they shoulda did that before letting the iPhone 4 in the wild.

  • Michael_NM

    F- apple!

    • kellex

      Amen brother.

      • Michael_NM

        Thanks Dr. Droid! An “Amen” from you is a great way to start the weekend! 🙂

        • Minikake

          I've noticed a lot of people drool over kellex like he's some sort of god. He's just a regular guy like the rest of us. A guy who runs an awesome blog, but a guy nonetheless.

          Why do you kiss his feet like that all the time? It's really pathetic. Grow a pair.

          • Michael_NM

            Just a reminder for those of you who believe Dr. Droid's accolades are well-deserved, donations to the site can be made by clicking the “About” link in the menu bar above. I know lots of “regular” guys, and it's pathetic how many of them get jealous of success.

    • digitalicecream

      from now on I will refer to them as FApple.

      • Chsszc

        They would be fapple if they allowed porn on itunes.

    • OMG true that bro! lol F-apple lol