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QuickDesk Beta Hits Android Market

QuickDesk might be one of the simplest yet most functional apps you’ll ever use.  In fact, I’d call it groundbreaking.  From the developer behind the HelixLaunchers, this app allows you to set up sort of a virtual or secret homescreen which can be accessed with a simple double tap of the “Home” key while in another app.  And what’s so “groundbreaking” about that?  Well how often have you been in app and either forgot to turn on your wi-fi, wanted to stop your music player, or even quickly switch to another favorite app without actually going back to your default home screen?  QuickDesk allows you to do all of that.

*Quick Tip* – After you install this, set QuickDesk as your default home app.  Then open QuickDesk, go to Menu>Configure and change your “Default Home” back to whichever launcher is your favorite.

And yes, it’s free.

Awesome work again Faruq.


Download Link

  • Wug

    I use QuickDesk and Launcher Pro together and its awesome as long as your configure them properly. I posted a solution to make them work together at:


  • Home Screens – Widgets
    Launcher Pro Plus
    Agenda Widget
    Vlingo Widget

    Atomic Drop
    Deer Hunter 3D
    Fruit Ninja
    Reckless Racing

    AppBrain App Market
    Rainy Days
    Wireless Tether

  • mitch

    this is straight spectacular, sent to every android phone i know

  • mitch

    this is straight spectacular, sent to every android phone i know

  • Awesome app. Just freed up an entire homescreen full of settings links, folders, and widgets! Now I can bring my music screens in closer to the default! big fan!

  • Vamsee

    All hail adb, this crappy app almost made my tattoo unusable. Please test it on tattoo there seems to be some bug causing flickering and won't allow you to access any part of the phone.

  • Home

    Can use AltTabApps for the same idea and use a long push on the search soft button.

  • This app is pointless…and it makes Launcher Pro lag a bit!! Uninstall!!

  • miosis

    Great find! this is very useful. We have needed more in app toggle's for a while. I am enamored with one called In App WiFi toggle widget can't live without it, until now!

  • Very cool… Even just for the fact that I don't have to clutter my main home screen and still have my power controls…. not to mention the other widgets are no longer hidden on the far left and right home pages.

    Promotes Widget love… no need for secondary widgeting.

  • Luketastic1

    Wow how the hell are people claiming this app has no purpose. How short sighted are you? This app is amazing. Something that should be included in future baked and dairy product named firmwares for sure! Nice one!

  • For those who don't see the point, it's really quite simple. The difference between using this and holding down “home” is that you never leave your current app. For example, I love to read my Google Reader on Newsrob and listen to music. Rather than leave my article all together, I can just double tap home, get to my widget and then I'm back to reading without switching away. 😀

    I love this app.

  • messenger13

    AWESOME app! I'm really REALLY impressed!!!

  • aczm1988

    I dont see the real point to this. Ya it might be faster but whats the point of downloading an app and wasting space to do something that can already be done. Like holding down home key and going right back were you were. All this does is save time with clicks. Id rather have the free space regardless of how much it takes up IMO.

  • otter34

    I would like a simple widget to control media volume and ringer volume. Can anyone suggest something? Running jrummy's newest rom.

  • nader

    I don't get how to make my music and power control widgets to come up… right now all that comes up is phone, messaging, browser, and market. Any help?

    • nader

      Nvm I figured it out. D'oh! … long press.

  • saimin

    Just think of this as an extra home screen for your favorite widgets.
    Some people need more space, some don't.

  • gwlaw99

    What I do is have “bar control” (lets you put any app on the pull down notification bar) and put “quick settings” on the bar. So if I am in any app, I just pull down the bar and open quicksettings.

  • Ewhitak

    I am having trouble getting this to work im rooted running jrummy kangerade, and launcher pro. I double tap on the home button and it just brings up all my home screens instead of the quick desk home screen

    • Mbruno44

      Long press the search key if you're not using it as a homescreen

      • Ewhitak

        thanks that worked

  • Cyberdemon

    Hate to be a critic, but what is the point of this app!? I can just hit my home button to do this and if i want to go back into the app without opening my app drawer just hold down the home button. Am I missing the point of this?

    • I was wondering the same thing. For the description, this app looks like it just opens a secondary launcher that does exactly the same thing the default set launcher would. When you consider that you can go back to any of your last 6 apps holding the Home button, I really don't see how that would improve the usability of the device.

      • Dipset

        you can think of it as a hidden homescreen. i usually keep my gps off to save some battery, and when i do use google maps or navigation, i usually don't remember to turn it on. so instead of going to the settings screen or putting the power control widget on my regular homescreen, i can just use this app to get the power control widget and turn the gps on without exiting google maps. also, i put my most used contacts on this screen for easy access.

        • I just don't see the difference. From what I understood, with this you:

          1. Double-tap the Home button
          2. Change your setting
          3. Hit back to return to your app

          While without it you would:

          1. Tap the Home button once
          2. Change your setting
          3. Hold Home and select your app to go back to it.

          But with this app you have yet another app on memory fighting for the limited system resources, taking space on the even more limited memory for installed apps, while doing something that can be accomplished with the exact same number of taps on the screen with the already-in-use launcher.

          I don't know, just doesn't seem worth the trouble.

          • aczm1988

            Exactly. Im running on low space / RAM as it is. I dont need something else hoggin up my memory. Unistalling as we speak. Maybe Faruq should work more on his failed launcher apps lol 😛

          • personally, i never see it as a failure. it was an experiment and was my first android app. it's nice to see my innovation reach other devs and inspired the current generation of launchers. 🙂

          • p0ft

            @faruq Your idea is great. It's like the many widget layers in window managers out there (compiz for example). I like to have that option in my Android. Keep up the good work.

            And about the resources, seriously, are you really that freak about resources? Why don't you use your android as vanilla as possible? Like, don't install anything besides a task manager?

            Speak for yourself, not for the others. For me this app worth the resources it consumes. (:

        • If you are in google maps, and forget to turn on GPS…if you exit to the screen where you keep your power controls, and just long hold the home button, it will bring up the icon form maps to right back to it automatically….I still dont understand the need for downloading, installing and running another entire app.
          Same thing for contacts, if you are in an app, and want to make a call, you can have an ENTIRE homescreen of contacts, click to direct dial, and then long press the home screen to right back to the app you were just using….why a whole other app install??
          Plus, if you are using LauncherPro Beta, you now have an extra 10 permanent shortcuts to customize and use on the dock…
          Not trying to argue, but can someone enlighten me as to what I am missing…

          • Dipset

            but whats the point of taking up all that space on a homescreen when you can have it hidden somewhere else that's easier to get to? 12 contacts plus the power control widget is one entire homescreen. with this, you dont need that extra homescreen which you have to scroll through to get to. its just faster, i like it though, so doesn't really matter that much.

          • Wug

            I use QuickDesk and Launcher Pro together and I really like having the overlay capabilities of QuickDesk to quickly change any settings I want without closing out of the app and reopening it.
            I posted a detailed solution on how to configure these two programs to work together correctly here:

            But if you are in google maps and forgot to turn on GPS then you aren’t aware of the most amazing app on the android market called Tasker:

            With this app you can configure it to automatically turn on GPS when you open up Google maps (in addition to any other apps you specify) and automatically turn off GPS when you close google maps:

            Tasker will automate pretty much anything; so if you end up not using QuickDesk, that should be the reason.

    • +1

    • JAStark87

      Lets say you have music playing from pandora or the music app. All you have to do in this is double tap and have the widgets on there to switch the songs and never have to leave the program your in at all. Its helpful but i got quick settings in my notification bar and im not too worried about the music player so I'm going back and forth on if i should keep this or not.

    • aczm1988

      Agreed lol.

  • guesttt

    thank you for making my droid so so sexy

  • Mikescalero

    Stupid question… how do you get your task/notification bar to be black like that? And have richer looking icons?

    • timarnette

      So do I. I was wondering the samething

    • cdick133

      Looks like the Sense UI, I believe.

    • maddie11

      thats prob CM6-kango–rama those are all the defalut icons and colors of it.

  • Cdcfourseasons

    Am I missing something, does this work with Incredible

  • Droidn


    Are you using a Droid ROM in those screenshots, or are those screenshots off an Incredible? If it's a ROM, which one is it?


    • RealGame22

      Looks like the Incredible

    • aczm1988

      Looks like his incredible. You can see the Sense UI in the backround.

    • timboslice

      mine is black with the team chaos rom with clean black theme

  • Kaufkin

    interesting.. added weather and news widget (the stock one w/ Droid 2.1), kept refreshing to another location if I specified “follow my location”. anybody else see this? nice app otherwise…

    Stock droid 2.1 btw…

  • Gtriolet85

    great, but now how do I get back my multiple Home screens when I press the Home key now I only get the one I designated. I need the option to see all of them. THANKS!

  • Very cool! Ive been wondering when something like this would come along!

  • This is quite a nice app – works exactly as described. The combination of QuickDesk and MultiTask is a killer.

  • Ray

    It would be cool iif you could put all the apps you want on it. Maybe I'm missing something and haven't figured it out yet

  • DeNon

    there is another app in the market from the guys who created home ++. I have been using it and love it but it is slow. i am going to try this one. So this one and see if there is a difference.

    • DeNon

      BTW the program is called Power Strip , if others want to compare . It is .99 cents in the market.

      • DeNon

        tested this app and it is MUCH faster than Power Strip..Power Strip has more screens but you can work around that by using folder organizer for your shortcuts in QuickDesk

        • carman

          have u tried power strip v1.1.5 upgrade yet? it's super fast and totally no lagging at all. nexus one 2.1

  • RealGame22

    WoW!! This is a really good app……WoW!! This is a really good app. I Know!!!

    • Rberscheid

      WOW! Thats a really good app!

  • Kenbarnum

    Hey Kellex,
    Any word on if he's given up the launcher game? The tutorial uses ADW, LauncherPro and Home…no Helix Launcher…

    • aczm1988

      Lol looks like it. ADW and LauncherPro put him outta business 😛

  • brandonmee

    This might be the best app I have installed in awhile…well TiKL is really cool to, but this is just plain cool.

    • Phil

      What's TiKL?

      • t0ni

        It's a push to talk app. (walkie talkie)

  • goose50

    Awesome, especially since I always forget to toggle my WiFi between work and home. Great idea and easy to use!

    • DeNon

      you also may want to try QuickSettings which i find a bit more useful than Power Settings

  • toner

    Perfect! I've always just done whatever I had to do by hitting home, then launching something, changing something, then re-get into the application I was in by long pressing home.

    This will work for me a lot better (:

  • briderx


    Gonna have to check this out! Looks promising.

  • Drew

    This is truly amazing. I was afraid it would slow down LauncherPro, but it doesn't. Includes 5 rows of icon space. Doesn't do landscape mode, but who cares. Makes getting to all your favorite apps/widgets that much faster…love it!

  • Unknown

    Finally, the one app that I thought android was missing. Now double tap for music controls, no more exiting to pause or skip forward.

  • eric

    Very cool concept

  • Bedrock49686

    Comment for the wirefly contest that people need to check out :

    There once was a man named Sanjay,
    Who said “Verizon it's Okay”,
    You can tell Mr. Job's,
    and the other iPhone snobs,
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  • On my Nexus One you can hold down the home button in any app and get a quick launcher of recent apps. Maybe not the same on the Droid. Sounds like this does something similar.

    • Droid has that too, but this isn't the same thing.
      This is a douple tap that takes you to “hidden” homescreen 🙂

  • Does this replace your launcher app because I really like Launcher Pro.

    • Jess

      No. You can set Launcher Pro back as your default Launcher after installing.

  • mathees

    Gotta love the amount of free apps…

  • rals

    Installing this now too

  • dominguez619

    This seems cool. Installing…

  • root4life

    def seems like a cool app

  • Eric


    • kellex