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Swype Beta Available to Everyone Today

No more hacked or leaked versions!  No more beta period ending freakouts!  Yay!

As of today, Swype has opened up their beta to the public giving all of you who missed their initial closed sign-up period, a chance to get in on the official action.

To download yours, visit Swype’s site here.

  • Mike

    beta is CLOSED now 🙁

  • Mike

    beta is CLOSED now 🙁

  • Although I cant say for sure because Ive never been able to get Swype to work, ShapeWriter is an identical keyboard app. If you want the APK – I would recommend a Google search including the following search keywords: Download ShapeWriter APK “rough book”. It works great for me, good luck.

  • Al4bama3

    i installed swype and it tells me (the swype package you installed does not match the screen size of your device) can some one help me out on this..
    thanks vince

  • Ford5pt0

    Is anyone else having an issue where whenever you put a new rom (EX:BB V0.3 to BB V0.4) you have to unistall swype and reinstall for it to work again? It's starting to drive me nuts!!!

  • Docmojave

    I install it on my Droid Inc. I can play with the tutorial but I cant get to to show up anywhere else.

    • JDub429

      don't know much of the inc but on the moto droid you have to go to keyboard options in settings, uncheck stock keyboard, check swype, then long press in a text bar and select input method.

  • Rockbox2005

    Is there a download for the LG Ally? My friend has 1. I also have a friend with the samsung Moment.

  • otter34

    I have it installed and selected it as my input method. I can see it tracing the characters I trace, but no text appears. Any idea what's going on?

  • sundawg

    was anyone else getting an error stating that swype is installed already… obviously I searched and unistalled it and even removed any apk I had of swype from my sd card but it still is giving me the same error and I am running jrummy custom froyo rom…

    • sundawg

      nevermind I followed their troubleshooting steps and it's working now 😀

      • otter34

        Yes. I have it installed and selected it as my input method. I can see it tracing the characters I trace, but no text appears. Did you have that problem? It's installed, but it just won't work.

        Oh and I still can't post on this site from my droid. What's up w/ that? I had to get my lazy butt out of the lazy boy recliner and come to the computer to post this. It hasn't worked since you changed the way to post from a mobile. Why won't it save my login info?

  • DeeMat

    Can anyone who has installed this tell me the version number please?

  • StingRay

    Is this different than the swype downloaded posted a couple of days ago?

  • Has anyone experienced issues with their keyboard: not being able to press the “delete,” “L” and “P” keys?

  • sConed

    Just downloaded newest version of Swype. It no longer works for me, though the closed beta versions worked completely fine for me. (Moto Droid, Bugless Beast 1.1)

  • Reedme

    Still no microphone button! Dissapointing.

  • Fully working now…. servers are more responsive now, not like 3 hours ago….

  • Jplujones

    Yesterday I downloaded the link from your website and it works fine. Is there any difference between yesterday's and today's from the Swype website?

  • swype is definitely my fav…keyboard I have been using it ever since it became available for the droid….yankee hat off to the developers.


  • Jonjon8883

    I was getting the same socket error, site must be flooded. I keep trying and just not got through and got the link.

  • pdash

    i got my invite yesterday, it feels like its slower then the old swype and it's not giving me the words i'm going for. maybe i gotta build up my dictionary again? Idk, it just doesn't feel quite right, and it is definitely a little laggy…

  • brandonmee

    Install BB like normal with wipe and all…I assume you already have because you are saying it is running smooth. Then go into the rom manager and under JRummy go to Froyo Clock and notifications and pick your color. Do not wipe data or cache. There you go.

  • JayferX

    Kellex does it again, I tried earlier and was just getting the socket error, now it seems the whole site is down

    • Brian…..I have tried on three different computers and can't load your page to save my life…
      Quite frustrating….

      “The server at beta.swype.com is taking too long to respond.”

      • Yeah, we've been getting absolutely HAMMERED today. LOTS of sites picking up on the news, including Fortune magazine, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and others. Keep trying! Things should calm down as the day progresses.

        • Thanks B.
          I <3 me some Swype! But hey, one more thing,
          The ability to customize the swype keyboards, like in the previous versions…will those been in the making soon? I miss my all black keyboard 🙁 lol

          Thanks again! Keep up the kick a$$ technology! lol

  • Srleadjb

    Help…….I've downloaded on my HTC Incredible but can't seem to get it to work. I've selected Swype in settings but when I open the keyboard to type, the HTC keyboard pops up???????

    • playball04

      I don't have the incredible, but with the Moto Droid, long press in the text box and select “Input method”. Then select your keyboard of choice.

    • Srleadjb

      Nevermind, got it! Went into settings, select tutorial, it then asks you which input method you want to use.

    • Dpry3580

      On my Incredible I get an error to the effect of “the package you downloaded is incompatible with your screen resolution, please contact Swipe”.

  • playball04

    While trying to download, I'm getting the page “Sorry! This is not an Android phone.” message when logging in on my Droid running BB V.01. Anybody else getting this same message? Does anybody have the .apk that can be shared? BTW, I'm fully registered with Swype, and accessing the download link they sent to my Gmail account.

    • Nolesfan

      Change your browser configuration to show it as a phone

      • playball04

        Thank you! It's always something simple you overlook. Switched to desktop mode for viewing all those wonderful flash sites, and forgot about it. Gotta love all the peeps on Droid-Life… Thanks you.

  • This site is down. Server crash. KELLEX! Why do you keep crashing peoples sites?!?!?
    Stop it now!!! lol

  • Mblack75

    The website is being hammered right now, response is slow. I had an app socket issue last night turned out to be my wireless freaking out.

  • El El Kool J

    im just not a fan of swype.. especially since i can just say what i want typed. It feels like i need to learn how to type all over again. I have it installed, tried it out, but still no love for swype from me..

    • Cpt Mike Beard

      Sometimes you just can't speak what you're texting though, like “I'll be over in a few. Picking up my herpes meds,” and in those situations, I choose Swype.

    • azurikai

      i am feeling ya, i never really got into swype myself, though i have it installed and randomly will give it a run here and there.

    • Nolesfan

      You have to give it time. I hated it to start and even uninstalled it, but I gave it a second try and now I love it

  • RhodeRage

    Could not open socket – annoying

  • IMA_210

    I was able to register and then use the resend invitation link. It worked for me! Will give this app a shot, but haven't used any other keyboard other than stock.

    • oh man your gonna love it!!! Going back to stock for 5 hours yesterday killed me!!! Really, you will fall in love with swype!

  • Ace Z.

    Off topic…BB V.02 Froyo ROM is on ROM Manager.

    • IMA_210

      Downloading now!! I am liking the JRummy ROM, but I really love Pete's ROM's!! Dang, and I just got Swype installed.. but have to wipe cache for Pete's new ROM! Well I will get plenty of experience installing Swype thats for sure.

      • Ace Z.

        Dude…let me know how it is and if it's worth jumping over from JRummy. Thanks bro.

        P.S. If you have Froyo don't pay $10 a month to watch the world cup! We have flash now so go on atdhe.net and watch any sports game free. I'm watching the Spain and Switzerland game right now as we speak. Love Flash!!!

        • how do you get that site to work, it says I don't have permission. 🙁

          • Ace Z.


          • Ace Z.

            Tap and hold on the video playback. After a few seconds, you'll see a screen option on the top left corner of the video. Just click on it.

        • azurikai

          i'm sticking with jRummy. so much customization (with the actual Customizer thing in Rom Manager), whereas bb doesn't really have any, nevertheless its still a good ROM.

          • Ace Z.

            Very true!

          • brandonmee

            You can install some of JRummy's stuff over bugless beast. I used the red notifications with clock…Now almost everything is themed like his Strawberry Froyo minus the colored icons.

          • Davidsimon

            How? I love how smoothly BB runs but I really like the way jrummys stuff looks and I would definitely be interested in knowing how to do this

          • brandonmee

            Install BB like normal with wipe and all…I assume you already have because you are saying it is running smooth. Then go into the rom manager and under JRummy go to Froyo Clock and notifications and pick your color. Do not wipe data or cache. There you go.

          • brandonmee

            I thought I would update for you. I was still having problems with BB randomly dropping icons from the app drawer and randomly rebooting. I decided to install JRummy's actual rom over the top. Now I have stability; it still runs as smooth as JRummy's or BB did. I have the prettiness and since I installed over the top without a wipe I have the apps2sd working correctly.

        • IMA_210

          Take this with a grain of salt, I am not trying to bad mouth Pete's work, cause I do love Pete's work! This is the first time that I am disappointed. I don't think it was something I did, cause I have been doing this for sometime now, but it could be very well my fault. I did do a wipe cache and data prior to my install. First off, the sign into your account wizard didn't pop up when I initially booted the phone. Most of my apps were not in the market and they did not auto-download. Thankfully I have Titanium backup and was able to restore my apps. But low and behold, after rebooting all my apps were gone again, like I never installed them. I also have SMS Backup to restore all of my text messages, but after a reboot, phone told me I had 300+ new messages! I am back to running Onix and will stick to it until something better comes to town. I will likely do one more test of Pete's v0.2, if the results are better, I will surely let the community know.

          • Ace Z.

            thanks for the feedback bro I appreciate it.

        • IMA_210

          Updated posting for BB V0.2…. sorry I replied to the wrong post.

      • IMA_210

        Hold the Phone!!! I gave V0.2 another shot! It is still experimental like Pete says it is. I am still working out the bugs, but have gotten my apps to restore… while doing this I figured out what Pete was talking about in one of his Twitter Posts!!! “Wait till you figure out what I fixed” Well it would seem that Pete has Apps2SD working, and “all” of my apps are running from my SD card!! Which explains, the sluggishness of my apps loading into launcher on initial boot up! I was thinking that they were completely gone.. nope they are just being loaded from the SD card! I was very impatient the first go around, sorry Pete, I am now very impressed! I was working on getting my widgets working once again when I figured this out! All of the apps that I am restoring to my phone are automatically being installed to the SD card! Once the initial boot process completes everything runs super fast. I will finish working out my widget bugs. But I will be sticking with BB V0.2 for now, patiently waiting for Pete's next work of art.

        *note if you are brave enough to use this ROM once you get your apps restored, uninstalling the apps with widgets and reinstalling them fixes the issue of your widgets gone missing.

  • Every time i try… it says “Could not open socket”

  • EC8CH

    Hows is this different from the version from the xda forum… It's”official” is all?

  • kellex

    Whoops…this wasn't supposed to be posted yet hah.

    • Tkimball00

      Hey on jrummys rom im running the 1.25 GHz just fine but if I try to download from rom manager WITH the live wallpaper option I still get a download error, I haven't tried it this morning but have u heard if there has been a fix or a separate link for the live wallpapers??

  • Vellan Lear

    I was able to get the Beta email sent to me even though I'd not gotten it before…if you've created a login to swype, login and you'll see an option at the bottom of the page to “re-send” beta invite email…this will then send the installer to your email and you can go from there.

    • kellex

      This does actually work heh.

  • snafu009

    Got my invitation to the beta yesterday. I guess it really paid off being on that waiting list 😀

  • Ben

    This post is a little premature, no? Still says closed when I go there.

    • Ben

      Nevermind, now it's working for me.

      • still closed for me

        • Mkw152

          It's open for me but I get a socket error when trying to register.

    • JDub429

      make an account, sign in, and you may have to log back in to resend invitation. you must open that invitation link on your droid to install

  • Is this available on the market?

    • John

      No.. swype makes you download an installer from their site, which in turn downloads the app.

      • lvmydroid

        and just a note, it does say to uninstall the installer after Swype is up and running.