Cricket Wireless Customers Get Free Access to Boingo WiFi

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Cricket Wireless announced this week that customers are now getting free access to Boingo Wireless hotspots for WiFi access across the country. You read that right — free WiFi. You’ll find Boingo in places such as airports, sports stadiums, and other places where large groups of people tend to gather.

Reading Cricket’s release, it sounds incredibly simple to take advantage. So simple that the user may not even need to ever do anything, as the connection is going to happen automatically in most cases. According to the release, “It’s simple to use since Cricket and Boingo are automating these connections behind-the-scenes. Customers living, working or visiting areas covered by these expanded WiFi access points can now make calls and get super-fast internet with secure two-way authentication in more places.”

You can’t really beat free WiFi, especially in places like the airport. I remember flying to JFK every now and then, having to pay for Boingo internet access. What a joke.

This new connection begins today, so if you’re on Cricket, be on the lookout for that free Boingo.

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