Google Pixel Fold “Felix” Gets First Batch of Factory Images, OTA Files (Updated)

Google Pixel Fold

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Should your Google Pixel Fold show up in the coming days and the first thing you do is tinker enough to brick it, you can bring it back to life, thanks to freshly posted factory image files. Google dropped the first set of Pixel Fold images on us this morning, which is perfect timing since today is Pixel Fold launch day.

We like to share this moment with each new Pixel launch because it typically marks day 1 of the device’s life, provides a bit of security should you mess up your brand new device from a software standpoint, and it confirms the codename we’ve been following for months.

Google has listed the Pixel Fold on its factory image and OTA files page as “felix” – yes, this is a codename we’ve known about since at least last September. To see a device launch, knowing that a report from 9 months ago was correct is always pretty satisfying. It also shows us that Google can change its mind on devices or replace them with newer builds and ideas, which Google confirmed is what happened with the current Pixel Fold. Felix was not the original Google foldable.

As for the images posted today, we have 3 builds available, one that could be a day one update. Here they are:

  • 13.0.0 (TD3A.230203.070.A1, Jun 2023)
  • 13.0.0 (TQ3C.230605.010.C1, Jun 2023)
  • 13.0.0 (TQ3C.230605.010.C2, Jun 2023, Japan)
  • 13.0.0 (TQ3C.230605.010.D1, Jun 2023, Verizon)

Once you get your Pixel Fold, feel free to check its software version. if you are on TD3A.230203.070.A1 you may have an update available to build TQ3C.230605.010.C1.

  • UPDATE: Google added an image today for folks using the Pixel Fold on Verizon. That new build is TQ3C.230605.010.D1. If you are planning to use the Fold on Big Red, that’s the build you’ll want to update to if it’s not running it out of the box.

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