Google: Previous Pixel Fold Models Just Weren’t Good Enough to Release

Google Pixel Fold

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In its own Made by Google podcast, a few Googlers, most notably Ivy Ross (VP of Hardware Design), Isabellele Olsson (Senior Designer), and Claude Zellweger (Director of Design), sat down to discuss the Pixel Fold. As we already knew, Google has been working on a foldable for at least a few years now, but an insight was shared that provides a bit of backstory for the Pixel Fold model that is about to launch in just a couple of weeks.

In the podcast, Ivy Ross says that the team really waited until they had a product that was “good enough” to release. In fact, the team showed a considerable amount of restraint when it came to this, passing on both the Passport and Pipit (originally thought to be a Pixel 6 variant) models versions of the Pixel Fold.

Here’s the full account of what Ross said.

I’m really proud of the team because there was another foldable model that we had created that we had the discipline to say, “nope, it’s not good enough yet,” and really wait until we felt we could do something that was good enough or better than what was out there already. So it’s really a testimony to the fact that we’re able to do that and recognize when something isn’t good enough.

The Pixel Fold we have now is Felix, and honestly, it’s a good looking foldable. And I suppose I’m not alone as the Porcelain model is currently out of stock on the Google Store. I suppose there aren’t too many people afraid to try a first-gen Pixel device.

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