Google’s Pixel Tablet Might Have Stopped Through the FCC

Google Pixel Tablet

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A fresh Google device stopped through the FCC today that could very well be the upcoming Pixel Tablet. While the information revealed by the filing is limited, this is always a good sign for those waiting patiently to buy any new device.

The FCC filing showed up under Google’s ID as A4RGTU8P, so the GTU8P part is where we’ll focus. That’s not a model number you’ll see in a retail listing, but it’s a point of reference to keep track of.

This specific Google device is listed as a “Wireless Device,” which is a pretty generic description of it. In no place do these documents refer to this as a tablet. However, if it were a phone, it would be listed as a smartphone or phone, like we saw with the Pixel 7a listing in February. Also, there would be cellular bands listed and a longer filing with the FCC – neither of those applies here.

Of course, it could be something else, like a new Nest Hub. Where we move away from that is in the network connectivity options and also the process to access the regulatory labels, like the one the FCC provides. This particular “wireless device” supports Bluetooth LE, WiFi 6, and UWB. While it is probably time we see a Nest Hub support WiFi 6 or WiFi 6E, that has not happened yet.

Pixel Tablet Specs - FCC

But the final tell here is in that process to access the regulatory info. To do so, you head into Settings > About > Regulatory labels. You know where else you perform those exact steps? On your Google Pixel 7 or anything other Pixel product that runs Android. For a Nest Hub, you would do so by accessing Settings>System Settings>Device information>Regulatory labels.

So look, this isn’t exactly the most concrete of evidence that this is indeed the Pixel Tablet, but what else would it be? We know the Pixel Tablet is coming this year. We’ve seen prototypes go up for sale and then hangout in the wild. Google is preparing apps for its new tablet. They’ve even already shared info on the docking experience and why this tablet will be awesome. Google I/O is close and would be the perfect time for Google to tell us all there is to know about their newest tablet.



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