Google Talks A Lot About Pixel Tablet and Its Docking Powers

GOOGLE Pixel Tablet

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After first teasing months ago at I/O, Google talked a lot about the Pixel Tablet today at their Made by Google event. They still didn’t give us a price, but they shared their vision for how this tablet can live in your house.

The Pixel Tablet is indeed powered by Tensor G2, just like the Pixel 7 line-up. It should be plenty powerful for daily tasks, a bit of gaming, and streaming all the things. It runs Android (of course), with the newest tablet layout from Android 13. You’ll have Material You color options to make it yours and all that fun. They finished it with a ceramic coating to give it a “premium” feel.

Where the Pixel Tablet will win the day is in its docking system. Yep, it docks!

When you aren’t using Pixel Tablet, you can slap it on a dock, so that it’s always charged should you want to grab it and consume content. When docked, it’ll act as a Google Home-like device, with photos displayed and smart home controls, etc.It docks via magnets that have been tuned enough to make it easily dock-able and also simple to grab to move around.

Google still didn’t’ share pricing and only reiterated that Pixel Tablet will launch in 2023.



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