Forget the Pixel Tablet Pro Name, Instead Focus on These New Photos and Details

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Today is a day of clarity surrounding a previously rumored Pixel Tablet “Pro” model that had us questioning Google’s strategy surrounding tablets. As if it isn’t hard enough to sell Android tablets, selling low and high-end models seemed like an odd move to start out a re-entry into the space. Well, thanks to a new report with lots of leaky fun, we now believe Google is making just one tablet, that “Pro” model. Although, it likely won’t be called that.

Continued reporting by Kuba Wojciechowski on Twitter has shed the new light on Google’s upcoming Pixel Tablet and why there was that initial confusion around a “pro” model. They previously told us that Google was working on two versions of the Pixel Tablet under codenames “tangor” and “tangorpro.” As it turns out, that original “tangor” device was a Pixel Tablet with the first-gen Tensor chip and has since reportedly been cancelled. The “tangorpro” is a device with Tensor G2 that has replaced it. In other words, we’re down to a single Pixel Tablet model being developed and it is “tangorpro” with the Tensor G2 chip found inside the Pixel 7 line.

With that in mind, there are additional new details to share with you.

This new report suggests that the tested “tangorpro” device, which should have the same design and overall hardware as that older “tangor” model and has 8GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB storage. It has a screen resolution of 2560×1600 and a side-mounted fingerprint reader. Finally, Google may sell two different docks for the Pixel Tablet, one with a speaker and another that only charges it. We all going speaker model, right?

Alright, want to see the device that’s being tested at the moment? Below, we have a fresh set of pictures that show the front and back of the Pixel Tablet, the “About tablet” screen with codename, and with it attached to the speaker dock.

Pixel Tablet Leak

Pixel Tablet Leak

I can’t say that anything about the Pixel Tablet looks like anything out of the ordinary, outside of the fact that it’s a tablet that docks, turning itself into a somewhat portable smart home hub. That’s not even an original idea (Lenovo already did this), we’re just simply excited that Google is doing it and it’ll act like a Google Nest Hub rather than an Amazon Alexa device. With Tensor G2 powering it, it should also run well and take advantage of all of Google’s recent tablet improvements to Android.

For the most part, we’re really just looking forward to Google coming back to tablets. Those old Nexus tablets were the best.



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