Galaxy S22 Lineup Starting at $99 With Free Storage Upgrades Right Now

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Is the Galaxy S23 lineup right around the corner when we turn the page to 2023? Yes. Is a starting price of $99 (with eligible trade-in) a good price for the Galaxy S22 lineup? Most definitely. This week, Samsung is hosting a really good deal on the entire Galaxy S22 family, meaning there’s great savings to be had on the Galaxy S22 (review), Galaxy S22+ (short review), and the Galaxy S22 Ultra (review).

The savings aren’t just about having a good trade-in either, even though that is how you’ll save the most money. Samsung is also tossing in free storage upgrades for the base size, so you’ll get 256GB storage even if you pay for the 128GB model. That’s clutch. In addition, Samsung has the 512GB model of the Galaxy S22 Ultra listed at the same exact price as the 128GB version, which is $150 in savings. With the right trade-in, you’re looking at a max-spec’d Galaxy S22 Ultra for just $399.

This is a very limited time offer from Samsung, so if you’re ready for an upgrade right now and are planning to skip the Galaxy S23, even though some may advise against that, now might be the time to take the plunge.

Samsung Link: Galaxy S22 | Galaxy S22+ | Galaxy S22 Ultra



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