Can OnePlus Convince You to Buy the OnePlus 10 Pro?

OnePlus 10 Pro

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This feels weird, but in 2022, it’s looking like OnePlus is going to have some convincing to do in order for people to want to purchase its next flagship, the OnePlus 10 Pro. When it comes to flagship devices, the company hasn’t been garnering too much excitement, with things not looking to get much better with the 10 Pro.

Honestly, there seems to be zero hype for this device, which is bad news for a healthy Android market that needs to have multiple great phone options for potential buyers. The US market is turning into a duopoly right before our eyes with Google and Samsung, and if we’re being serious with ourselves, it’s been a Galaxy-ruled monopoly for some time. Samsung is pumping resources into places that no other OEM is, such as 4 years of Android upgrades, so now is not the time for another bust from OnePlus. We need a kick-ass phone and we need it yesterday — not some phone that’s seen as an afterthought for the US market, given it’s been available to Chinese buyers since early January. We deserve the best of the best, with a custom skin catered to our tastes and not that of OPPO’s.

OnePlus 10 Pro Black

Thankfully, it’s been detailed this week that OnePlus is backpedaling that unified OS move, which has to excite at least a few people. It’s a major relief to me. It’s as if OnePlus leadership has been taking the best aspects of OnePlus from years past, such as the software experience, and simply abandoning it. It has made very little sense to me, but OnePlus has always been a bit unconventional. This also reminds me of the time that OnePlus tossed in a Snapdragon 888 chipset into the OnePlus 9 lineup, then opted to sneakily throttle it, only to get exposed and have to correct the issue. These are embarrassing missteps for a company that was once a champion for the people, priding itself on delivering flagship experiences for mid-tier pricing. Times have certainly changed, as what I’d label as greed and a desire to be just like Samsung appears to have corrupted what was once a feisty young phone company. Is it game over for OnePlus? No way, but we need a speedy course correction.

My question to our readership: Can OnePlus convince you to buy the OnePlus 10 Pro? I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I’m quite confident that if OnePlus doesn’t sell a lot of phones in the US market over the next year or two, we could see them seriously divert much of their resources away from here and to markets overseas. Aren’t we literally seeing this right now with its OnePlus 10 Pro launch? We don’t want that. We want as many good phones as possible to choose from.

Some of us may have to take one for the team and buy this phone regardless, simply to show OnePlus there is still interest for its hardware here. I jest of course, as it’s up to the company to make a product people actually want or be doomed, but damn, why isn’t OnePlus correcting the issue? I do think the recent OS announcement and detailing of 150W charging is a move in the right direction. That could seriously help, but we’ll need more. Now we need OnePlus to match Samsung’s 4 years of Android upgrades. Would that help convince you?

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