The Next OnePlus Phone Will Do Ridiculous 150W Charging

OnePlus 9 Pro

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Because 80W charging wasn’t fast enough, your next phone might come close to doubling that. OnePlus announced today that an upcoming phone of theirs will be capable of 150W charging that is supposedly still safe.

Thanks to work by the OPPO Research Institute, a OnePlus phone scheduled to launch in Q2 of this year will support the new 150W wired charging, which carries OPPO’s SUPERVOOC branding.

This new charging works through a “customized twin battery” setup with a PCB protection board and microcontroller that can push these wild charging speeds for 1,600 cycles and some sort of “self-healing” functionality. With those speeds, a 4500mAh battery could go from 1-50% charge in five minutes. Feel free to read that again because it sounds just silly, yet also awesome.

Again, this technology will debut first on a OnePlus phone in Q2 of this year, so you may not have long to wait to test it yourself. The weird thing about this announcement and launch is the fact that the OnePlus 10 Pro is supposed to arrive just prior to Q2. If OnePlus already has an improved phone lined up to arrive shortly after, why would you even sniff the 10 Pro?

Who needs 150W wired charging?



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