Google Pixel Watch Evidence Mounts

LG Watch Style

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For the first time in the years-long running conversation around a supposed Pixel Watch, real evidence is starting to appear that suggests we may finally get one. After a new Wear OS 3 emulator build was discovered a week ago, signs from within it pointing to a Pixel Watch are piling up and we can probably all (for real this time) cross those fingers that one is coming sooner rather than later.

The newest drop of details includes mention of a “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH” alongside a possible codename of “Rohan.” Additionally, Google may be cooking up a better Google Assistant experience in this new watch that is powered by a Samsung Exynos chip.

As they continue to dig into the files from the new Wear OS 3 build, 9to5Google has found that “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH” tag, which could be used to pull-up exclusive Pixel features. Google already does something similar with its phones, using a tag like “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_2021″ for the Pixel 6, as an example. By specifically calling this Pixel Experience a “watch,” that sure seems like a slam dunk confirmation of a Google-made Pixel Watch on the horizon.

Digging further, there is evidence that Google will use its next-generation Assistant in the Pixel Watch, just like it does on its phones. The next-generation Assistant is basically a quicker, on-device run Assistant. If you’ve ever tried to use Google Assistant on a Wear OS device, you understand how big of a deal this could be. The current Assistant experience is…awful. Any and all speed improvements will be welcomed.

Oh, this is what it could look like, with that fun Google bar at the bottom that sure reminds us of the Assistant bar on Pixel phones.

Google Pixel Watch Assistant

And finally, the codename of “Rohan” has apparently appeared within code for this new Wear OS 3 build and those appearances have led to sightings of a Samsung Exynos chipset. There are a couple of things to take from that. For one, this could mean that Google is using a similar Exynos chip that Samsung is in the Galaxy Watch 4 line, the W920. Or two, it could mean they are planning to somehow implement a Google Tensor-related chip of some sort, which first debuted in the Pixel 6. Tensor, for those unaware, is basically a Samsung Exynos chip that Google has done a bit of customization to. This is a wild idea, but maybe Google has cooked up a similar experience for its own watch that’ll brand with “Tensor.”

Pixel Watch might really be coming and that’s big news.



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