Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Just Hit the FCC!

Google Pixel 6

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Google’s new phones stopped through the FCC this week in preparation for launch, a move that we keep close watch on as new devices find their way into our orbit. The filings reveal select details for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but mostly are just a sign that we’re almost there.

The two devices at the FCC arrive under model numbers G9S9B (link), GB7N6/GR1YH (link), GLU0G (link), and G8V0U/GF5KQ (link) and feature all of the connectivity you would expect from a top tier phone, like the Pixel 6 line is supposed to be. Remember, Google said these would be expensive.

As you’ll notice from the screenshot below, we have LTE and 5G support all of the big bands that US carriers use, including 5G mmW. Additionally, this listing confirms NFC, wireless power transfer (wireless charging), UWB, and WiFi 6E.

On a note about UWB – only models G8V0U, GF5KQ, and GLU0G  list it as included, so my guess is that those three are Pixel 6 Pro models and that the regular Pixel 6 won’t have UWB or Ultra-wideband support. We already sort of knew that the Pixel 6 Pro had UWB, this is sort of confirming that the Pixel 6 doesn’t, unfortunately.

Pixel 6 FCC

Pixel 6 FCC

Pixel 6 Pro FCC

Pixel 6 Pro FCC

We’ll update if we find anything else out.



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