Verizon Seems to Think the Pixel 4a is Already Available

Google Pixel 4a

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Google has never acknowledged a Pixel 4a or hinted at when we might get one, but I think we all sort of assumed that it could have launched in May if there was a Google I/O conference. Verizon, as a part of its changelog for the June Pixel update, has potentially given us a bit of proof that we should have already been playing with Google’s newest phone.

On its Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 update pages, Verizon notes that the June update will bring car crash detection, a feature that has been on the Pixel 4 for months. In mentioning car crash detection, Verizon points out that the feature is actually now available to not only the Pixel 3, but the Pixel 4a as well. Yes, the Pixel 4a, a phone that technically doesn’t exist.

You can see the reference below where this appears to be a deliberate acknowledgement of a Pixel 4a. The paragraph is aware that the feature is on the Pixel 4 already and that car crash detection is not supported on the Pixel 3a. Verizon is saying that there was supposed to be a June update for the Pixel 4a that introduced car crash detection, among other things.

Pixel 4a Verizon

These changelogs are often created far in advance, so this doesn’t mean much other than whoever proofs these forgot to remove these notes. The Pixel 4a is not available and we have no idea when it will be. Maybe today would have been the day? We’ll never know with the Android 11 Beta show postponed too.

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