Pixel 4a Catches Possible Launch Delay, Looking Like Early June Now

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We’ve been patiently waiting for Google to release the Pixel 4a, ever since the first leak happened months ago. Since then, the world has plunged into chaos because of COVID-19. Events are being cancelled and launches are being postponed. Unfortunately for Pixel fans, it appears Google and its Pixel 4a launch is getting affected, too.

Scheduled for what everyone in the industry figured would be a May launch, it now appears that we’re looking at a June 5 launch for Google’s next budget-friendly phone. This info comes from internal documents belonging to Vodafone, a German carrier, posted up by German publication Caschys Blog. This is the same site that gave us the previous launch date of May 22.

So, yeah, a possible launch delay. Can’t say we’re surprised, just disappointed. Timing wise, this aligns rather well with the public beta of Android 11. Google has The Beta Launch Show scheduled for June 3, so that would be an ideal time to give us some new Pixel hardware.

We’ll keep you posted.

// Caschys Blog | Android Police



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