Fossil Sport at One of Its Best Prices Ever Today: $99

Fossil Sport

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Fossil just got done announcing a bunch of new color options for the Fossil Sport, but if you don’t mind the original colors, you can get them at a substantial discount today. How does $99 sound?

The Fossil Sport has seen itself at a number of price points throughout its life. It debuted at $255, got a huge Black Friday deal shortly after, then jumped up to $275 for some reason. It has since been given various discounts, only this $99 deal is next level.

From $275 down to $99, that’s a $176 price drop on a watch that this week picked up the Fossil Gen 5’s best software feature. Once the latest update from Fossil arrives on the Sport, you’ll be able to choose from 4 battery modes that should help expand battery life on a single charge.

The new colors aren’t available yet, so those aren’t discounted here. However, you will find the classic black version at $99, plus the blue, red, green, and grey colorways.

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