Awesome Game ‘Zombie Night Terror’ on Sale for $2 (Down From $8)

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Folks familiar with Steam’s extensive library have maybe heard of Zombie Night Terror before, but if you’re just a casual person who doesn’t follow every single title out there, maybe you’ve missed this one. Regardless, the big news happening is that ZNT’s usual price of $8 on Google Play is currently slashed thanks to a sale, all of the way down to just $2.

ZNT isn’t a traditional zombie game, the kind where you kill the zombies. Instead, you control the zombies and try to kill as many poor souls as you can. As for how you control them, you can provide directions, administer power-ups to certain zombies to get through levels, and you’ll also determine in select levels who to infect first for the most advantageous positioning within a level.

I’ll be honest, the game starts a bit in the deep end and somewhat expects players to just get it, but with a bit of trial and error, no one should have a problem having fun with it.

Follow the link below to grab ZNT for just $2.

Google Play Link ($2)



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