AT&T 5G Network Now Reaches 19 Markets


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AT&T first fired up itsĀ real 5G network two weeks ago in 10 markets. This week, the total number of 5G cities has reached 19, with additions like New York City and Washington, DC.

Since that initial launch, we saw AT&T 5G go live in Baltimore (MD), Bridgeport (CT), and Louisville (KY). This week, Detroit (MI), Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Buffalo, New York City, and Washington, DC all went live too.

This is the low-band 5G network from AT&T, not the 5G+ network that runs on 5G mmW. This stuff might not be super fast with Gigabit speeds, but you’ll actually be able to connect to it when not standing outside, right next to a tower with direct line of sight. This stuff should work through buildings and around corners and stretch for miles. It could give you a slight bump in speeds over 4G LTE too. This is very much like the nationwide 5G network that T-Mobile recently launched.

How do you connect to AT&T 5G? You need a phone that has the capabilities and the only phone available at the moment is the $1,300 Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. I’d pass on that, ignore 5G, and wait until next year, when every phone will have 5G.

Oh, want some 5G maps? Here you go:

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