YouTube Music, Google’s Lackluster Play Music Replacement, is Android 10’s Music App

YouTube Music

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Google announced this morning that YouTube Music will now come preinstalled as a part of Google’s suite of apps on phones running Android 10. Any new phone you buy with Android 10 on it will have YouTube Music there for you to ignore as you’ve done since it launched a little over a year ago.

YouTube Music is replacing Google Play Music as the music app you’ll find out of the box, so if you buy an Android 10 phone and want Google’s old, left-for-dead orange music service, you’ll have to go find it on Google Play or hope your Android backup brings it home.

It’s a move we anticipated with the Pixel 4 on the horizon after seeing a leaked commercial that was super hyped about YouTube Music. Unfortunately, no one likes YouTube Music and it never did allow us to import our collections from Play Music as promised. So unless Google has big plans to announce for the future of their music goals, then this is an announcement few will find pleasing.

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