YouTube Music is Available Today, Sort of…

YouTube Music

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YouTube Music was announced in the middle of the night last week on a Wednesday, which sure seemed like odd timing for the launch of such a major service. Google said at the time that its new streaming music service would be rolling out on May 22 and we’ve reached that day. I’d tell you that you can sign-up and start using it, but it really is “rolling” out. In other words, you probably can’t sign-up for it at the moment.

Am I alone in thinking that a slow rollout of a brand new service that you want to be the future of the streaming music is kind of odd? There seems to be no better way to kill any buzz YouTube Music had than saying it’s available, only then not allowing everyone to sign-up at the same time. Like, isĀ  your new music service ready or what, Google?

As a reminder, the launch of YouTube Music also means that YouTube Red is becoming YouTube Premium and that changes may one day come to Google Play Music, just not right away.

Anyone able to sign-up yet?

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