OnePlus 6T Going to Work on Verizon?


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Will the dream come true? Could the OnePlus 6T work on Verizon? Maybe!

According to a report out of PCMag, the OnePlus 6T may work on Verizon when it arrives on October 30. That’s not a slam dunk guarantee that it will, but the report states that “multiple different industry sources” have suggested that will be the case.

The phone is said to have support for Verizon’s Band 13 LTE and that it may be going through certification at the moment. While OnePlus could potentially release the phone with Band 13 support and without certification, getting it to work the best on Big Red’s network typically would require certification, like we saw with the Essential Phone, Sony Xperia XZ2 and HTC U12+.

Assuming this happens, this is huge news. OnePlus has made some of the best phones for the price since they launched back in 2014, but have never had Verizon network support. In the US, which is a big market for OnePlus, you kind of need to be on the biggest wireless carrier in the land or at least let your phone work with it.

And that’s what we’re talking here – support for Verizon, not sold at Verizon. We still think T-Mobile will be OnePlus’ first carrier partner, but this news today would mean that you could buy the phone from OnePlus and then slap a Verizon SIM card in to get service.

Please be true.

// PCMag



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