SHIELD TV and Google Home Integration Cranked to 11

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Earlier this month, NVIDIA hosted a promotion that netted you a free Google Home Mini with the purchase of a SHIELD TV. At the time, NVIDIA touted the ability to turn on SHIELD by asking Google Home to do so, as well as playing content from Netflix on SHIELD TV simply by speaking the command.

Today, NVIDIA announced a bounty of new integration coming soon to Google Home and SHIELD TV.

For a few examples, you can tell Google Home to set the volume to a particular level on SHIELD TV, mute the device, play and pause playback of media, get shown photos, as well as much more.

Seriously, look at all of these controls and commands.

Basic Commands

  • “Turn on SHIELD”
  • “Turn off SHIELD”
  • “Open [name of app] on SHIELD”

Volume Control

  • “Set volume to 50% on SHIELD”
  • “Increase/decrease volume on SHIELD”
  • “Mute/unmute volume on SHIELD”

Playback Features

  • “Play [name of Netflix, HBO NOW, CBS, Viki, or Starz show] on SHIELD”
  • “Play [name of song] on [name of app] on SHIELD”
  • “Watch [name of channel] on YouTube TV on SHIELD”
  • “Play on YouTube on SHIELD”
  • “Pause on SHIELD”
  • “Play on SHIELD”

Photos and Smart Home

  • “Show me my pictures from Egypt on SHIELD”
  • “Show me my pictures from last weekend on SHIELD”
  • “Dim the lights”
  • “Set the temperature to 72 degrees”

NVIDIA says all of this integration will roll out to all SHIELD TV owners this month. Wicked.




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