Samsung, Whose Phones Were Once Banned From Planes, Makes Plane Joke About Pixel 3 Notch

Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung has jokes, guys. Shortly after the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were announced, a Twitter user roped them in to a @madebygoogle Tweet, asking for their take on the notch that Google included in their bigger phone. They responded, suggesting that you could “land a plane on it.” See? Jokes!

That’s, of course, pretty hilarious coming from the company who recently had one of their phones banned from airplanes. Banned with enough depth that flight attendants told every single passenger on every single flight in the US for months that they weren’t allowed to have said phone on a plane. You couldn’t even check the phone, turned off, in a bag.

Plane jokes, though.

Samsung Pixel 3 XL Joke

Now, I’m all for clowning on the Pixel 3 XL notch! It’s pretty much a design disaster. I’m also not opposed to Android-on-Android battles, even if it’s from the king smartphone sales guy punching down to one who doesn’t ship so many, yet does supply Samsung with their operating system (because their own was a comical disaster) and app ecosystem. But follow-up Tweets from Samsung’s now super-edgy, got-an-attitude Twitter account brings things to another level of hilarity.

Another Twitter user suggested to Google that they “copied a lot from [Samsung],” to which Samsung replied with:

Samsung Jokes, Bruh

I mean, I know it has been a while since Apple starting suing Samsung over its blatant copying of iPhones in 2010 and 2011 that helped it rise to where it is today, but are we really doing this, “We’re the leaders!” thing? History never forgets.

That said, Samsung deserves credit for introducing a number of items in recent years that others have picked up. Fast wireless charging, all-glass everything, better displays, better cameras, and plenty of software ideas. Thankfully, the world didn’t follow their lead in fingerprint reader placements, attempts at virtual assistants, and extra year or two of plastic devices with faux stitching and metallic paint.

Everyone poaches in this industry, just as everyone has ideas that they hope will stick.

If anything, at least Google hasn’t tried to become Wendy’s Twitter yet.



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