Netflix to Introduce Gift Cards, Talks Android TV Platform

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Netflix released Q2 financials this afternoon, but while the company’s bottom line is usually not of our concern in the slightest, they did talk two important topics in the press release that concerns our readership.

Firstly, Netflix announced that it is to introduce gift cards, allowing consumers to purchase subscriptions from local US retailers. These cards will more than likely range in value from a couple of months to a full year of Netflix streaming. To find these gift cards, Netflix has not yet announced exact availability, but when they are available, you can probably find them anywhere other major gift card purchases can be made (e.g. Safeway, Fred Meyer, etc.).

Lastly, and most importantly, Netflix discussed the Android TV platform. The company spoke on the investment to ensure that Netflix is broadly available on Smart TVs and Android TV, ultimately delivering a “consistently first-rate experience.”

The Netflix app for Google’s Android TV platform will appear on TVs from Sony, Sharp, and others in the coming months. Widespread adoption of Android TV can reduce the number of different platforms we need to support to ensure Netflix is broadly available on Smart TVs delivering a consistently first-rate experience, no matter the vendor. Android TV incorporates Google’s “cast” feature, allowing content discovery on mobile devices and laptops with streaming delivered to the big screen.

Netflix is probably one of the most widely used applications on Google Play, and has been since it was first released for the platform years ago. As Android has grown, Netflix has grown right alongside it.

Once those gift cards are made available, we will be sure to keep you posted.

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