White Galaxy Nexus Shows Up on Verizon’s Site, Doubt It Means a Thing

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white verizon galaxy nexus

Last February, a source of ours told us that Verizon had a 16GB white Galaxy Nexus ready to ship, along with a 16GB regular version. For whatever reason, the white G-Nex never did arrive in stores, even if we saw official white backs for the device and frame housings show up in online retailers. The device was definitely real, but at some point before it could be purchased, it was killed. 

When we were tipped to the device showing up on Verizon’s site, in a My Verizon tutorial video, we couldn’t help but chuckle a little. The device above, looks to me like the GSM variant and not the Verizon version that was. The wallpaper used on the device is the one used in GSM press images, not the Phase Beam live wallpaper that Verizon chose to use in their images. I’d say this is simply another Photoshop failure from Verizon’s graphics team, something we are all too familiar with.

So no, I don’t believe this is a sign that a white variant will appear a year after being axed. It’s pretty obvious that Verizon has moved on from the Galaxy Nexus experiment.

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