Tip: Make Your Phone Look Like It’s Running Ice Cream Sandwich

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Want a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich a little ahead of tomorrow night’s announcement? An XDA member took the time to piece together a whole bunch of ICS work that developers have released and then we threw together a quick step-by-step guide on how to make your phone look like it’s running it. As you can see from the screenshot I just dropped above, my device now looks like it is running some sort of ICS port. And this literally took me 5 minutes to do.  


1.  Grab the ICS wallpaper pack from this post and install it. Choose a wallpaper.
2.  Install GO Launcher, ADW or LauncherPro.
3.  Download this set of icons. Unzip them onto your phone.
4.  Download this dock bar and save to your phone.
5.  In your launcher of choice, long press on the each of the home shortcuts to change the icon.
6.  You should have all of the icons downloaded from the set in step 3.
7.  In the preferences for your launcher, change the dock background to the one from step 4.
8.  Download and install Desktop Visualizer.
9.  Add a Desktop Visualizer 4×1 widget to your desktop.
10.  Press on that item and choose the “google bar” icon from the step 3 set.
11.  For the action, choose “Launch App” and then find Google Search.

Now, there are other icons for camera, market, etc. in there, but I just walked you through the quick 5-minute setup that I ran through. Feel free to download the ICS clock that is in the market as well to give you the full look.

And don’t forget to install the ICS music player, 3.2.0 market and Google+ app to fully round out your device.

Via:  XDA, 2

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