Download: Google+ 2.0 Pulled from Ice Cream Sandwich


Thought that the Google Music app from Ice Cream Sandwich was the last of ’em?  Prepare yourself for the future of Google+ as well.  Version 2.0 has been pulled from the Galaxy Nexus and brings with some new features including a renamed Messenger section called “Chord.”  I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, but am willing to just roll with it.  The rest simply makes the app feel more well-rounded and polished, much like with what we saw on the new music app.  

Download:  PlusOne.apk

*Note – You will have to uninstall your current G+ before this will work.

G+ addicts, feel free to let us know about each of the new goodies or tweaks that the Android team has included.

Via:  Android Police



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