DROID Bionic FCC Filing External Pics and Users Manual Become Public on August 7, Another Sign of an August 4 Release?

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Somehow we missed this when we first reported on the FCC filing for the DROID Bionic, but luckily one of our astute readers certainly didn’t.  If you take a look at the full summary listing of the report, there are some pretty specific dates included that have to do with the unveiling of external photos as well as the users manual.  On August 7, both will be made public leaving us to believe that the current target release date is indeed August 4.

Now, I’m sure that Motorola could ask that the FCC keep those confidential past 8/7 if they have for some reason decided to push the date out at all, but we’ll cross our fingers and hope that that won’t happen.

So in the last hour we’ve seen the desktop dock and window mount, a display spot for the device in Verizon stores, and now have a pretty specific date from the FCC.  Talk about a good night of Bionic news.

Via: FCC

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