DROID XOOM will be Motorola’s Honeycomb Tablet, Won’t be 4G LTE

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How does the Motorola DROID XOOM sound?  According to our sources, that’s exactly what we can expect Motorola’s Honeycomb tablet to be called when it’s announced next week at CES.  We’ve seen the word “XOOM” through a batch of global trademarks, but we have confirmation that this will indeed be the name, it will definitely be running Honeycomb and for now, won’t be 4G LTE.  We’re hoping that it’ll have a USB slot to allow for a 4G LTE modem, but from what we’ve been told, it won’t have a 4G LTE radio built into it.  That’s no big deal though, right?  

We’ve seen the XOOM in action from Andy Rubin and have pretty much made up our minds that this will be the tablet to have in 2011.  You can check out video of it in action here, hi-res pictures here, and some unofficial specs here.

Thoughts on the name?  Better or worse than Thunderbolt?

And how about one more look at that teaser video?



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