Motorola Tablet Will be Released as the XOOM?

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Trademark filings by Motorola from around the globe for the word “XOOM” have surfaced and are leading many to believe that this is in fact the name of the much anticipated Honeycomb tablet that will be unveiled in just 14 days at CES.  Filings were made in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and of course the U.S., so we’re thinking major global push here, right?  They did ask if we were all ready to “skip a generation” yesterday and it’s now pretty obvious that this tablet is hoping to change our mobile computing ways forever.  I surely hope they succeed.

My only concern is that the name sounds a lot like “Zune.”  Or am I just crazy?

Video of the Motorola tablet in action.  Hi-res pictures.  Unofficial specs.

Via:  PocketNow

Cheers BenJA!



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