Microsoft Releases Xbox SmartGlass Application for Android Phones, A New Favorite App for Gamers

With the launch of Microsoft’s Surface this week, the part that gamers were all waiting for was the SmartGlass integration that allowed tablets to interact with your Xbox 360. If you remember during their E3 press conference this year, Microsoft said they would be bringing this integration to Android devices, and today they’ve started with the release of their application for Android phones.  (more…)

Xbox Smart Glass Is How Tablets Should Be Used For Gaming [Opinion]

Today, Kellen, Tim and I have been geeking out over Microsoft’s press conference to start the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3. Near the end of their presser, while listing off all the new things coming to the Xbox 360 to keep you centered around it, they showed off “Smart Glass,” a feature they hope to implement into their tablets and phones (albeit WP7 devices) that I think is the way that games should be done on mobile devices.  (more…)