NFL Game Pass Brings All Football Games On-Demand to Your Smartphone, But They’re Not Live

Professional sports and your local cable provider — the relationship is essentially built to screw the customer, unless you are willing to pay crazy money for a subscription to view all of the NFL’s telecasts live. Sure, a few games will be on the big stations like Fox and CBS, but if you happen to live in an out-of-market territory from your favorite team, forget about it.

With that being said, starting this upcoming season, the NFL is sort of getting with the times, bringing true, on-demand streams for all games, no matter where you are with Game Pass. Although, be aware of one major catch.  (more…)

Verizon Releases Special NFL Leather Moto X (2nd Gen), Available for $119

One of the first thoughts that came to mind after Motorola told us that they had partnered with Horween Leather to produce the leather used for the backs of the new Moto X (2nd gen) and the bands for the Moto 360, knowing that this is the company thats materials are in NFL footballs, was how they would figure out a way to tie-in this country’s most popular sport with their new flagship phone. Now we know. Well, sources told us about this a couple of months ago, so we can’t say we are exactly shocked. But yeah, the Moto X (2nd gen) now comes with an optional NFL leather backside. As in, your Moto X could be a football.  (more…)

Reminder: DL NFL Eliminator Challenge is Open, First Game is Tonight!

As a quick reminder, be sure to go sign-up for the DL NFL Eliminator Challenge! The first NFL game of the season is tonight, and you won’t want to miss out on week 1’s pick.

For those not familiar, just know that this is the simplest NFL contest you can be a part of that only requires you to pick the winner of a single game each week of the season. If you come away as the top dog, you get a phone of choice, purchased by DL.

All the info you need to get signed up can be found at this post.

2014 DL NFL Eliminator Challenge is Open! Winner Once Again Takes Home a Phone of Choice

It’s back! Our yearly DL NFL Eliminator Challenge is now open and ready for entries. This is our 4th year hosting this challenge, which is a way to share our love of sports with the DL community, but also reward one of  you with a phone of choice. So yes, we are once again giving away a phone valued at up to $650 to the winner.

For those new to NFL eliminator challenges, they work like this. You pick one winner each week out of all of the games being played. If your team wins, you move on to the next week. Just keep in mind that you can only choose a team one time per season, so there is some strategy involved. With that said, by no means are these challenges as intense as fantasy football or weekly pick’em challenges. This is the simplest form of an NFL challenge you can participate in.

The season kicks off next Thursday, so you will want to sign-up now. We will try our best to remind you throughout the next week to sign-up, though.

There is no cost to you, yet you can win a phone of choice. Ready to sign-up?  (more…)

NFL Now Available on Google Play, Create Customized Football Content for Yourself

Fans of American “football” can head on into Google Play to pick up the newest grid iron-loving app, NFL Now. Think of NFL Now as MLB’s At Bat app, which offers customized content for each person that uses it. When first downloaded, you select your favorite team, then let the app build a stream personalized for you.

As the season starts picking up, hundreds of new videos are added daily to the service, making the service a must-have for fans. Not only are there new videos added, but NFL Now boasts the “deepest NFL library anywhere.” Sounds intense.  (more…)

AT&T News: Google Glass Coming to Retail Locations, May Offer NFL Sunday Ticket

According to a tweet published by @evleaks, AT&T retail locations will be one of the first places the public will be able to purchase Google Glass. The question, since Glass was first revealed, has been when can we get it, and for how much?

The Google Glass Explorer program is currently open to anyone willing to pay the $1500 entry fee, but the general public would do much better in waiting for Google to announce the finalized version of the hardware and software.  (more…)

NFL Announces NFL Now App for Android, Will Launch Before 2014 Season

The National Football League (NFL) announced this morning the NFL Now application for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The app will bring football fans closer to the gridiron action, thanks to dynamically personalized information on your favorite team, customizable news feeds, and highlights from across the league. Think of it like the NFL Mobile app on steroids.  (more…)