YouTube’s NFL Sunday Ticket Gets 6 Features as We Head Towards Kickoff

YouTube TV Sunday Ticket Features

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The NFL season kicks off in only a few weeks and YouTube (and YouTube TV) have big plans for those of you who subscribed to NFL Sunday Ticket. Today, they announced 6 features arriving soon to make payments easier and cheaper (for some), to show off all the Multiview combos on the way, new live interactive features, and more.

Here’s the full list of everything you’ll be able to do come NFL Kickoff Weekend:

  • Extensive Multiview combinations: YouTube TV launched its Multiview feature during the NCAA Tournament in March and it was a very useful tool to take in the first weekend of games. While the streaming service still won’t let you pick and choose the Multiview combinations, it is promising an “extensive” list of them for NFL Sunday Ticket viewers. In the image below, you’ll see a few samples of quad, triple, and dual Multiview options.
  • More Multview: If you signed up for both Sunday Ticket and RedZone, you’ll see both out-of-market games and RedZone in some combos, plus your local NFL games will be there alongside Sunday Ticket games.

YouTube TV NFL Multiview

  • Live chat and polls: I have no idea if anyone will use these, but YouTube is adding live chat and polls to mobile and TV apps. If anything, you’ll get a wonderful (that’s sarcasm) stream of banter about ongoing games and plays and players. Fun. YouTube also plans to add NFL Shop integrations in the near future, because who doesn’t want to buy merch at all times?

Sunday Ticket Live Chat

  • YouTube gets key plays from YouTube TV: YouTube TV has this really cool feature that lets you turn to a sporting event late and quickly catch-up with a highlight reel of key plays. Google is bringing this same feature to YouTube, except it will only be available on YouTube TV apps for this season. Hopefully, we get this in mobile and desktop experiences by next year.
  • Real-time NFL highlights in Shorts: While I may have purposely ignored the world of YouTube Shorts, it’s clear that they are somewhat of a hit. For this NFL season, highlights from NFL games will be available as Shorts shortly after they happen.
  • Monthly payment option: NFL Sunday Ticket isn’t cheap (it costs $299 promotionally without RedZone) and people told YouTube that they needed cheaper options that don’t require them to pay that in full upfront. YouTube listened and is now offering a monthly payment plan that could drop the price to as low as $99.75/mo with 4 equal payments.
  • Student plans will get discounts: YouTube is about to introduce a student plan that’ll give students a discount “just in time for the new school year.” They have not yet announced the plan or pricing, but I’d imagine we’ll know any day now.

You all ready for the NFL season? And did you sign-up for NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube?

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