Google Play Music Update Brings Thumbs Up and Down to Notification

An update to Google Play Music brings big news for those here who enjoy thumbing up and down tracks, which allows users to create quick and easy playlists of only music they enjoy.

Before this update, you could thumb up tracks on the player itself, but now, icons for thumbing up and down tracks appear in the Play Music notification itself, granting even easier access to the feature.  (more…)

Google Play Music to Offer Podcasts!

Google announced this afternoon that it is ready to start offering podcasts on Google Play Music. How awesome is that? Soon, assuming we get approved, you will be able to catch the Droid Life Show through Google Play Music, instead of using whatever other podcast app you had attached yourself to. And not that other podcast apps are bad, but this means you will have a one-stop shop for all your audio needs.  (more…)

Early Google Play Music Subscribers Get to Keep $7.99 Price With YouTube Red, Receive Free Month

Wondering what would happen to that $7.99 Google Play Music price you locked into in the early days, now that YouTube Red is about to launch? According to emails being sent to subscribers who have hung onto the $7.99 price, nothing is changing at all. In fact, Google is going to give you a free month of service, just because.  (more…)