Apple Reportedly Paid EA a ‘Truckload’ of Money to Keep Plants vs. Zombies 2 a Temporary iOS Exclusive

Plants vs Zombies 2

The timeline has gone from “early summer” to “summer” all the way down to “sometime this fall.” Even still, PopCap and EA assure us that Plants vs. Zombies 2 is coming eventually. The delay of the Android version of this game has gotten out of hand, but news today straight from inside EA say that there is a reason behind it: Apple has paid to keep it delayed.  (more…)

EA’s New Free to Play Strategy Continues with the Launch of FIFA 14 on Android

fifa 2014

Game giant EA doesn’t really have the best reputation around the gaming world as of late. They are hoping though, that a few changes to their mobile strategy can fix that this year with the biggest change being that their sports apps have gone free-to-play. FIFA is the largest soccer game in the world and with the launch of FIFA 14 for mobile, those numbers are certainly about to go even higher.  (more…)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 Released Today on Android

Fans of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf series will find the 2012 edition of the game available on Android as of today. It’s $4.99, let’s you play as 8 different pros, features 20 mini-games, gives you the hottest PGA courses (aside from Augusta), and allows for friendly battles over WiFi. TW golf games are usually the best there are on consoles, but even I’ll admit that I have yet to take one on through a mobile device. Should you take the plunge, be sure to let everyone know how it plays.  (more…)