Apex Legends is Coming to Mobile

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I love when I can talk about my favorite video games coming to mobile devices. It happened with Fortnite, and according to EA’s recent earnings call, the same can now be said for Apex Legends.

For those unfamiliar with the current battle royale offerings, Apex Legends is EA’s own title, based in the Titanfall universe. It’s an FPS, unlike Fortnite, with the object being the same as all other battle royale games — be the last team standing.

No specifics in terms of timing were provided, though I will say, I’d be more interested in this game on mobile over Fortnite, solely because the building mechanics in Fortnite coupled with the gunfights makes for a serious clusterf*ck in terms of mobile controls. Since Apex Legends is purely run, shoot, loot and repeat, I foresee the experience being a bit more manageable for mobile.

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