Apex Legends for Mobile is Coming, But Not for a Really Long Time

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We learned back in May of this year that Apex Legends is coming to mobile, though, no timeframe was provided at that time by EA. Whether you take the following info as good or bad news, we now have somewhat of an idea as to when the game will come, and unfortunately for fans of the title, it’s not anytime soon.

According to EA executive Andrew Wilson, the mobile version of Apex Legends will be available in the 2021 fiscal year, which begins on October 1, 2020. So, if what Wilson is saying holds true, and we get it as soon as fiscal year 2021 begins, we have basically another year to go. Will it arrive at the very beginning of fiscal 2021? Who knows, but probably not.


Can Apex Legends maintain its popularity that long? I suppose we shall see, but even as a huge fan of the game, I’ve already moved onto Modern Warfare. By the time October, 2020 rolls around, we’ll be weeks from the next Call of Duty and plenty of other titles that are sure to come. This is gonna be a rough wait.

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