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download vlc 3.0 android

VLC Beta for Android Adds Chromecast Support

VLC, the free and open source multimedia player that so many of you play your legally purchased DVD rips from, received a beta update today on Android that brought with it Chromecast support. While I'm not as up-to-speed on VLC development as I probably should...
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Adult Swim App Gains Chromecast Support

Somehow, the official Adult Swim app for Android never picked up Chromecast support. This week, that all changed. In a recent update that is now available to all users, the app supports Chromecast, meaning the streamable episodes from within the app can now be...
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Chromecast Returning to Amazon After 2-Year Ban

Since late October, 2015, you couldn't purchase a Chromecast through Amazon. Amazon's reasoning for its ban was subjectively just, as the company didn't want consumers to be confused as to which products could access Amazon's library of digital media. Amid a...