Google Re-Brands Chromecast App as Google Cast App, Launches New Website

As a part of today’s announcement for new VIZIO P-Series TVs with Google Cast support built-in, Google also announced that the Chromecast app will be re-branded as the Google Cast app.

The switch-up makes a lot of sense, since the technology is called “Google Cast” and we have moved well beyond just the dongle-centric Chromecast at this point. We are now seeing Google Cast built into speakers and TVs, along with Google’s line of plug-and-play products, so the simplification to just “Google Cast” could help with any confusion.  (more…)

Vimeo Updates Android App to Include Chromecast Support

After much wait, Vimeo updated its Android app this week, bringing with it… Chromecast support! The last time we discussed Vimeo and Chromecast together was all the way back in mid 2013, but as Vimeo states, “late is better than never.” You see, Vimeo was one of the first companies to openly embrace the idea of Chromecast, but for some odd reason, it has taken years to actually implement the feature for users. That all changes today.  (more…)

Android Pay Rewards “Tap 10” Could Land You a Free Chromecast, Songs on Google Play Music

Google launched a new promo this morning for Android Pay that could land you a bunch of free stuff, including songs on Google Play Music and a Chromecast.

The promo is called “Tap 10” and involves paying for items with Android Pay, hence the “Tap” portion of the name. The idea is pretty simple – the more you tap and pay, the more free stuff you get. If you tap and pay once, you get to pick a free song from Google Play music. At your 2nd tap, you get another. Same thing at your 6th tap. If you continue to tap and pay for the next month and hit the 10 mark, Google will give you a free Chromecast. Yes, a free Chromecast dongle. (more…)