Chromecast Was #1 Streaming Device in US in 2014, Cast Button Pressed 1 Billion Times Since Launch

During Google’s Q4 earnings call, the focus was shifted momentarily to the success of Chromecast. Google’s HDMI dongle, which has been on the market for a solid year and a half now, is still bringing in dough.

According to analyst group NPD, Chromecast was the top selling streaming device throughout the US in the year of 2014, with users casting more than 1 billion times since its launch.  (more…)

Deal: Buy Chromecast From Best Buy, Get $20 Worth of Google Play Credit

Chromecast was already a steal at $35 – you would be hard pressed to find a cheaper, more simple device to beam audio and video from your smartphone, tablet, and computer to your TV – but Best Buy’s promotion makes it a no-brainer. Until the end of January, purchasing the dongle from the electronics retailer will net you $20 worth of Google Play credit.  (more…)

Google Announces Cast for Audio, Coming with Speakers from Sony, LG, and HEOS

Chromecast is an invaluable little dongle that’s competent at a great many things, but Hi-Fi audio isn’t one of them – it lacks the proper outputs to connect directly with many speakers and stereos. That, Google says, is where Cast for audio comes in. Announced this morning, it’s like Chromecast for sound sources, letting you beam music and audio from apps on your smartphone or tablet to connected speakers, sound bars, and A/V receivers. (more…)

Google App Update Wednesday: Maps, Camera, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, and So Damn Many More

You probably already realized this, since we wrote up three Google apps with updates before noon, but yes, today is Wednesday and that means Google is unleashing new goodies upon us. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the updates that have already rolled out today (some yesterday too), along with download links and details to their changes (if they have any). A bunch of these updates are minor bug fixes, but a few do have substantial changes.

Should other apps receive updates, we will try our best to update the list.

Go get ’em!  (more…)

Buy a Chromecast, Get Free Trial of EPIX Movie Streaming Service

An update to Google’s support page for the Chromecast has outed a new offer for buyers, in the form of a free trial for EPIX, the commercial-free HD movie streaming service. This offer goes on top of many other offers that are included with the Chromecast, such as a free two month subscription to Hulu and free $20 gift card to Google Play for movies and TV shows.  (more…)

Chromecast Update Brings Guest Mode, Beta Mirroring, Fresh Material UI

The Chromecast app received an update yesterday that not only included the much anticipated Guest Mode, but the UI of the app also got a fresh Material Design makeover and screen mirroring is open in beta to most devices running Android 4.4.2+. The update is rolling out in stages (of course it is) on Google Play or can be sideloaded using the link we included below.  (more…)