Google Launches ‘Cast Remote Display’ APIs, ‘Game Manager’ APIs

Chromecast has been a fantastic seller for Google, with the company pushing 17 million units since release, and the Cast button being pressed 1.5 billion times. As it has grown older, we have always stated that it only gets better, and with the release of new APIs for developers at this year’s Google I/O, that little dongle is becoming even sweeter.  (more…)

Sony’s Google Cast Ready Speakers Arrive in June/July, Receivers in May

Back in January, Google announced that it was opening up its Cast technology to speakers, with partners like LG and Sony integrating it into models later in 2015. Now that we are later into 2015, those speakers are almost ready for prime time. Last week, we saw LG announce Google Cast compatibility with their Music Flow speakers, and this morning, Sony announced their Cast-ready equipment as well.

Sony is adding Google Cast to two of its sound bars and two of its receivers as well. The speakers won’t arrive until June and July of this year, but the receivers should hit stores in May.  (more…)

LG’s Music Flow Speakers Will be Google Cast-Ready This Month

LG announced late last night that their Hi-Fi Music Flow speakers will be some of the first available to integrate Google Cast. Their current line-up, which includes sound bars, WiFi speakers, and portable WiFi speakers, will have Google Cast connectivity this month, which I’m assuming means out-the-box. Current owners of any of these products will see an over-the-air update with Google Cast soon.  (more…)

Best Buy Deals: Nexus 9 16GB $75 Off, Chromecast $5 Off

Best Buy just kicked off a 2-day sale that includes a couple of note-worthy discounts. First, we have Google’s Nexus 9 with 16GB of storage for just $325 – that’s a $75 discount on a tablet that ranks in the top two for Android at the moment (our review). If tablets aren’t your thing, then maybe a $5 discount on the Chromecast will do. Or a DROID Turbo for $50?

You can see the full list of deals here, or we have individual links to each below.

Best Buy Links:  Nexus 9 ($324.99) | Chromecast ($30) | DROID Turbo ($49.99)  (more…)

MTV, TED, Pac-12 and Qello Concerts Apps Gain Chromecast Support

A few more apps gained Chromecast support today, being MTV, Qello Concerts, TED, and Pac-12. Each app has content which is streamable to your HDTV via the Chromecast dongle.

Specifically, the MTV app allows you to bring shows like Catfish and Finding Carter to your TV, while the Pac-12 app brings the sports, including football, basketball, soccer, baseball, gymnastics and more.  (more…)