Top 5 Muzei Live Wallpaper Extensions: March 2014

Here at DL, we have become fans of Roman Nurik’s latest creation, the Muzei live wallpaper. It lets us forget all of those hours of heated internal debate on deciding which wallpaper looks the hottest, and has essentially claimed its rightful place on most of our home screens.

Yet still, Nurik has only partially solved the whole problem with his newest app, because even now, we have to decide between hordes of different third party Muzei extensions, a problem I think we don’t mind having. The app displays wallpapers in such a beautiful way and there are so many good extensions already, that it’s quite fun seeing each outdo each other.

Which are the best five for the month of March? Let’s check them out.


Google Update Bonanza: Maps, Translate, YouTube, Chromecast, Search, and Chrome Beta

Google is still going strong with their trademark “Update Wednesdays,” and this week is absolutely no exception. We already saw the Wallet update and the possibly erroneous YouTube update, but now have a plethora of other fresh meat, most being relatively minor. Regardless, it’s definitely a good thing to see Google paying attention and squashing those bugs, adding nifty new features along the way.

All the updated apps are listed down below. We’ll be updating this post as we learn more. (more…)

Web2Cast Lets You Send Any Webpage to Chromecast From an Android Device

Chromecast has been booming in popularity lately, given the recent release of its SDK. We have seen everything from Android mirroring to Cards Against Humanity pop up on the platform, so it’s safe to say that the apps will just keep flowing in.

The latest to join the party is Web2Cast, a utility app letting Android users beam pretty much anything displayable in the browser to the big screen in your living room. (more…)

Casts Against Civility is Like Cards Against Humanity for Your Chromecast

Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is one of the brilliant card games of our time. Sure, groups of nerds, Google+ users, and whackjobs probably obsess over it too much, but with a couple of adult beverages and a group of friends that have darker sides you want to get to know better (or at least laugh at), it can be a ton of fun. Casts Against Civility is a Chromecast clone of the game that aims to get you and your friends using your Chromecast for something other than YouTube and a pirated collection of…stuff.  (more…)

Koush Updates Mirror Beta App With Android Mirroring to Chromecast, Only Rooted Nexus 5 Supported

It seems like Chromecast is finally getting kicked off in terms of development, with developers using the SDK left and right to update their apps to support the HDMI dongle. What we’ve all been waiting for, though, is native Android mirroring to Chromecast similar to Apple’s AirPlay feature for iOS. It looks like we’re now one step closer, with famed developer Koushik Dutta having updated his Mirror app to support the streaming stick in a very beta way.


Flag in Chrome Beta 34 for Android Brings Chromecast Support

Google is all about service integration. First, we saw Google+ being integrated into everything that they owned. Next up was Google Now, something that Google is still working on integrating into not only phones, but desktops and Chromebooks. In an unsurprising move, it seems now that Google is giving Chromecast the same love, and trying to work Cast into every device that they can touch. The latest Chrome Beta build for Android is the latest to have been visited by the streaming media fairy.  (more…)

Solid Explorer Uses Chromecast SDK to Add Local Media Streaming

Once Google released the SDK for Chromecast, developers everywhere were able to get their hands on the code, and figure out a way to integrate their apps with the streaming dongle. We definitely expected larger applications to bring this service to their users like VUDU is working on, but any developer (large or small) can do so, as shown by the developers behind Solid Explorer(more…)