LIVE: Samsung Press Event CES 2014

Our CES 2014 press day continues this afternoon with Samsung’s 2PM Pacific event. Samsung likes to show off all sorts of products during their event, which makes sense since they do a heck of a lot more than mobile. In other words, we should see new TVs, lots of them. We’ll also probably talk appliances, maybe even wearables, and then finish up with mobile.  (more…)

Watch Live: ASUS’ Announcements at CES 2014

ASUS is doing a press event in Las Vegas this morning as well, though they decided to do it outside of the official CES press day and are hosting media at Caesars Palace. Since the event also happens to run at the same time as Qualcomm’s, we decided to see what Qualcomm was up to instead. Thankfully, ASUS is streaming the entire event for all to see.  (more…)

LIVE: Qualcomm Press Event at CES 2014

Our press day at CES 2014 continues on with a mid-day gathering of Qualcomm news. Last year, Qualcomm had one of the wildest press events in recent memory, so this is one you’ll want to tune in to. Well, it may be tough to live up to last year’s antics, so maybe it’s best we prepare for something a little more casual.

We are assuming we’ll hear more about the Snapdragon 805, camera advancements that Qualcomm has made for mobile devices, their Ultra Sound Notepad technology, maybe something on the TOQ smartwatch, and more.

We have a live blog below and will be on the lookout for a video feed. (more…)

Pebble Announces New Premium Smartwatch Dubbed “Pebble Steel,” Available Today for $249

You wanted new Pebble hardware, you got it. Announced this morning at CES, Pebble has announced Pebble Steel, their new premium smartwatch. It’s the same exact Pebble that you “know and love” yet in a smaller, thinner and more premium package. Available today for $249 in the Pebble store, the newest version of e-paper display smartwatch that took the world by storm last year through Kickstarter can be yours. (more…)

Watch Live: Pebble’s New Announcements From CES 2014

At 11AM Pacific (2PM Eastern), Pebble is fixin’ to announce new goodies for smartwatch gurus to feast upon. Some of the details appear to have leaked out here and there, however, it all becomes official in just a few minutes.

We are hoping to see new hardware, learn more about the Pebble appstore, and hear the vision of the smartwatch pioneer for the future of wearables. Whether you are a fan of Pebble or not, they are still arguably the only smartwatch maker to date to get it mostly right. When they talk smartwatches, we tend to listen.  (more…)

AT&T to Carry the ASUS Padfone X With LTE Advanced, VoLTE and HD Voice

AT&T announced this morning at the end of their developer summit that it will exclusively carry the ASUS Padfone X in the U.S. Previous variants of the phone and tablet combo device have avoided the U.S. market up until now, even though it has been quite popular in international markets. We aren’t sure why (other than carriers hating the idea that you can use a smartphone data plan with a tablet by docking them together), but are certainly excited to see this hybrid concept arrive.  (more…)